5 Cannabis Strains You Must Try This Halloween

5 Cannabis Strains You Must Try This Halloween

The Festival season is finally here! And we have this year’s Halloween just around the corner. You may call us crazy, but we believe the day isn’t for kids only. No, I’m not saying that you should go out trick and treating, collecting your favorite candies. But you can surely spice up this spooky day.

Add a cannabis touch to it.

Involving cannabis to your Halloween can surely enhance your fun twofold. All you need is a 420 med card and a strain that matches the colors of this amazing day.
Well, guess what? We’ve got you all covered. From weird to wonderful to spooky, we’ve made a list of all the strains that can be your ideal cannabis companion this Halloween.

Zombie OG

Wouldn’t you like a zombie flick this Halloween? Well, if you want to make this Halloween even spookier, Zombie OG is the bud for you to go. But beware- the Indica with a 21 percent TC is no joke.

Zombie OG is the strain you can completely rely on to get into the holiday mood. And its heavy effects can easily leave you giggly, euphoric, ad not to forget, sedated- a perfect zombie cover.

You may even try this treat if you have a 420 med card for stress, pain, or insomnia. Zombie OG has the ability to put you in a happy and dream-like state in no time. Just don’t forget to leave the trick and treaters out there some treats.

Jack The Ripper

Among all the Halloween strains we have on the list, Jack the Ripper is probably the most frightening one. However, it’s only its strength that is the real deal here. All in all, this Sativa hybrid strain is quite uplifting and induces a happy high. The onset of its effects is usually slow. And most users find it both euphoric as well as buoyant. In the end, with all the giggles induced by the Ripper, you’ll be hardly left with any energy and willpower to do anything else.

Durban Poison

If you are looking for an ideal cannabis companion for this Halloween night, you can’t find anything as perfect as Durban Poison. This tasty treat packs a THC of 24 percent to offer you all the psychotic fun of cannabis, ideal for a night filled with terror!!!

The effects of this bud include feeling energetic, social, and chatty. And it has the ability to pull your productive and creative side out. Given this, you can enjoy it even during the day time or at a party.

Planning a horror movie night? Durban Poison is the ideal bud to accompany it. But be ready to see your monsters scarier than real.

Blueberry Ghost OG

Well, it seemed impossible to complete our list of Halloween strains without naming this amazing mix of Colorado and Blue Monster.

Thinking of enjoying this Halloween lying and relaxing on your couch? Blueberry Ghost OG is the perfect strain for you. The effects it has are slightly on the sedative side, and it brings on a really strong feeling of euphoria. But hey, if you are a beginner, it’s our responsibility to warn you of its THC level of 27 percent.

Planning on adding Blueberry Ghost OG to your Halloween fun? Before you start, make sure you have everything you may need within the reach of your arms.

Killer Grape

Didn’t you love going trick and treating when you were a kid? Well, unfortunately, it’s not an option now. However, you still can grab a bag full of killer grapes and enjoy an at-home feast!

Killer grape is a cannabis strain, a balanced combination of Querkle and Killer Queen, offering some very interesting effects to the consumers. The strain serves you with a body tingling of a Sativa and a euphoric head high of an Indica. Furthermore, it has a really nice taste and offers some amazing therapeutic benefits to those suffering from anxiety, nausea, stress, or chronic pain. However, with all this, you also need to be prepared for killer munchies.

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The festival season is upon us. And Halloween is the perfect time to bring our festival colors. Make use of some of the above-given cannabis strains to add a little more flavor to this day!

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