5 Tips for Talking to a Medical Marijuana Doctor

5 Tips for Talking to a Medical Marijuana Doctor

Medical marijuana has changed the lives of many around the world. Whether as a pain reliever or as a sleeping aid, its therapeutic properties have brought significant change in people’s health conditions. Considering the vast medical potential of cannabis, do you think medical marijuana can also be your key to a better quality of life? You can find your answer by getting an MMJ Card in your state. It’s just a 10-minute process when done online.

While it’s easy to apply, the one essential step that decides whether you will get your medical card or not is a marijuana doctor. They evaluate your condition to determine your eligibility for a medical card and plan out your treatment accordingly. So when you sit for a consultation, you must complete it in the right way to get the best medical solution out of it. So, I’m here to prepare you for your 420 evaluation.

When you decide to get a medical card and go on with your consultation with a marijuana doctor, remember the following tips to ace the evaluation.

Do Your Research Before the Consultation

It’s always best to be prepared before going for a consultation. This is why you must gather all the necessary facts about medical cannabis before anything else. Begin with an understanding of the marijuana laws of your state. 

Several states in the US have been very welcoming to the use of cannabis as a medical aid. The legalization of medical cannabis stands as proof of this acceptance. However, everything related to cannabis, from growing and selling to buying and using, is regulated by the marijuana laws adopted by the state government. These laws include many limitations like possession limit, age limit and, most importantly, the qualifying conditions that decide a patient’s eligibility for getting a medical card. 

Not every person with a health problem can get a medical card. Every state has a different list of medical conditions and symptoms that decides your eligibility. A marijuana doctor assesses you according to this list of conditions. So your task is to find out if your medical condition is a part of the state’s qualifying conditions. If yes, then you can go ahead and apply for a medical card.

It’s also a great idea to go through the necessary information about cannabis. Learn about the endocannabinoid system and its role in the cannabis treatment. Find out about the different strains and delivery methods that can be suitable for your condition. And most importantly, figure out if you want to use cannabis or CBD. Because while the former needs a medical card, you can use CBD legally without any certifications. 

Don’t Conceal Any Details

When you are having a consultation with your marijuana doctor, you must remain as transparent and honest as you can be. During the consultation, you will be asked several questions related to your current health condition, medical history, lifestyle, medications that you may be taking and everything else that can help the doctor plan out an effective treatment plan for you. Give out all the details as it’s going to benefit no one but you.

Do not feel the need to conceal anything. Marijuana doctors are board-certified medical professionals. They are bound by the ethics of being a doctor and also several privacy policies. So you can rest assured that no third party can have access to your private information without your knowledge and permission at any condition. 

Give as much information as you can. If you have a history with cannabis, let the doctor know about it. State your preferences in terms of delivery method and strains. Let the doctor know about the effects you are wishing to achieve and if you are comfortable with cannabis high or not. 

Respect the Opinions of Your Doctor

You may have taken the time and effort to go through the essential details about cannabis and your medical condition. Still, it should not be your reason for undermining the opinions of a doctor. It’s very common for people to not listen to what the doctor has to say, especially during an online consultation. 

Remember that they are medical professionals trained in medicine and cannabis. They have more knowledge than you can ever have using Google. Allow them to assess you correctly. Give them all the necessary information and respectfully answer all their questions. If they show any concern, do not dismiss it immediately. Take their inputs seriously because that’s the only way you can get better. 

In case a doctor does not qualify you for a medical card, take the opinion respectfully. A medical marijuana doctor is thoroughly aware of all the rules and regulations that surround cannabis. If they don’t qualify you, it is possible that your condition can be treated with other medications than cannabis or that you don’t qualify the limitations set by the government.

Ask the Right Questions

A consultation with a marijuana doctor is a two-way process. While they ask you questions and review your condition, you can also clear your queries and assess the knowledge of the doctor by asking the relevant questions. 

You can begin by understanding the opinions of the doctor about medical cannabis. The answer will give you an idea about where the professional stands as a marijuana doctor. You can also ask them if cannabis is the right choice for your health. Get information about the delivery methods that will suit you and the different choices of strains that can be best according to your needs. Learn about what to expect after consuming cannabis and if there will be side effects that you should look out for. 

A medical marijuana doctor knows about all the right ways to use cannabis. While they will give you general instructions regarding the dosage and safe use, you must ask the doctor about the different ways to prevent overdosing and how to sober up from an intense high. A professional marijuana doctor will listen to all your queries and answer them as an expert with compassion. So don’t be afraid to ask questions during a consultation.

Know When to Have a Second Opinion

There is no obligation to get a marijuana recommendation or card from a doctor whose treatment or consultation doesn’t satisfy you. You can always reach out to a different doctor and get their opinion about your condition. However, before you make any conclusions about a doctor and go for a second opinion, it’s best that you wait for the consultation to finish. Let the doctor give you their final opinion. And if you don’t feel it’s right, go ahead and reach out to a different doctor.

So what’s your decision about getting a medical cannabis evaluation? If you are ready, then read these tips before going for your consultation. They will help you to comfortably talk to your marijuana doctor and find the best medical solution for your needs.

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