6 Ways You Can Celebrate Halloween With Cannabis

6 Ways You Can Celebrate Halloween With Cannabis

Halloween is almost here and we know that you are excited. Ever tried cannabis-themed costumes? Well, if you haven’t, let the herb be a part of Halloween. Cannabis can add a new dimension to your whole Halloween experience. If you contact an MMJ doctor, he or she can suggest tips to indulge in a satisfying experience that is safe and relaxing. Let’s have a look at top ways to celebrate Halloween with cannabis. 

1) Store Your Edibles Responsibly

Edibles are one of the most popular ways to ingest cannabis. So, are you planning to make your own batch this year or buy it from a store? Well, no matter what you do, just be careful while storing them. Keep your Halloween treats in a lockable container or something that is child-proof. The fact they are infused with cannabis makes these edibles unfit for children. So, store responsibly!

2) Start Slow

We understand your Halloween excitement and know that you want to chill hard but just hold your horses. No matter whether you are a seasoned cannabis user or a newbie, it’s a good idea to start slow. Most people directly jump into heavy doses and are left with the intoxication. Honestly, that’s not what you would want in this festive time. 

Plus, it’s understandable that people want to smoke up but you should remember that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Smoking is directly linked with lung inflammation and it can increase your risk of contracting the virus. So, stick to edibles. Well, don’t forget that edibles produce a delayed effect on the body. Start with a low dose and gradually increase it to dive into a satisfactory cannabis experience. 

3) Don’t Forget to Ask Questions 

Is your friend throwing an exciting Halloween party? We are sure you are excited. Well, before you try any cannabis-infused treats, ask your friend about the potency and ratios of THC or CBD. You should be comfortable with what you are eating. For instance, gummies are great but there are people who are not into it. So, if you are not comfortable with something, indicate it to your host. Ask them to label the treats with the dose and potency. 

4) Don’t Mix Alcohol And Cannabis

At Halloween parties, it’s not hard to find people crossfading: mixing alcohol and cannabis. Most people do that to enhance your high and it might seem like a good idea but studies suggest that it can mess with your cannabis experience. Research shows that when you have alcohol in your bloodstream, it can enhance marijuana’s effects by expanding the blood vessels. So, as a result, you will dive into stronger effects and this can make you zone out. 

5) Know Your Limits

We understand that it’s easy to get carried away at parties. If you are in the middle of a smoke session, it’s common to pass the pipe through the whole group. Well, you should understand that everyone has its own limits. So, it’s not a wise idea to follow what the entire group is doing. If at any point, you feel that the high is getting too intense for you, take a break and have some water. It’s okay to say ‘NO’ and enjoy the vibe at your own pace. 

6) Don’t Drive While You are High

A lot of people drive while they are high. Cannabis is legal but you should understand it’s not safe to drive under its influence. It’s against the law and the authorities might arrest you if caught driving. So, just call a taxi or ask someone to drop you at your place. 

Take The Help of An MMJ Doctor 

A cannabis doctor holds the necessary experience and knowledge of cannabis to introduce you to a satisfactory cannabis experience. During the time of Halloween, it’s a good idea to have a word with the doctor. They can give you valuable tips to use cannabis and also keep a check on your health at the same time. So, you can ensure that you enjoy Halloween without compromising your health. The doctors can suggest the best cannabis practices at the time of the pandemic. So, make sure you take the necessary help.

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