Aspirin or Medical Marijuana For Pain-What is Better?

Aspirin or Medical Marijuana For Pain-What is Better?

It’s a familiar story, and it usually goes like this: You bumped. You bled. And after a few weeks, you start feeling acute pain. You go for over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol. Or ask for prescription medications such as NSAIDs such as Naproxen, Aspirin, or others. You feel fine for some time. But, the cycle keeps going on and on. And things start affecting your daily activities. Eventually, you start depending on opioids for pain relief, which could result in addictions. Scientists believe that more than 25% of patients prescribed opioids end up misusing them. So, scientists are looking for different alternatives to get rid of this worrisome situation. And sometime back, they found that cannabis is more effective for pain relief. So, that’s how 420 medical evaluations come into the picture. 

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain

Despite hundreds of alternatives around, two cannabinoids happen to take all the limelight— THC and CBD. They dominate almost every discussion despite other cannabinoids present in the plants. 

But, here’s the rub…

These cannabinoids are commercially viable and most accessible to research. Studies have already declared their therapeutic properties and potential as a medical aid in multiple medical conditions. The research investigated the potential application of medical marijuana for pain and found that THC and CBD is not the only compound that holds the key for initiating analgesic or anti-inflammatory responses. 

You would be surprised to know that it’s the plant’s flavonoids that are responsible for its potency in relieving painful symptoms. Several studies even talk about them as an antioxidant, anticancerous, and neuroprotective agent too. So, you might plan on using this molecule as a preventive or nutritional supplement since they act like superfoods. 

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Cannflavin A and Cannflavin B- The Painkillers of Marijuana

Needless to say, THC and CBD have potent pain-relieving properties. But, cannabis produces a plethora of substances that have their individual medicinal effects. That’s how scientists learned about flavonoids. And the world got to know about cannfavins A and B. Studies revealed that these molecules have around 30 times more potency than the common analgesic, Aspirin. Doctors believe if federal agencies take out the barriers in cannabis research, it could revolutionize pain relief medications. Decades went by researching and learning about flavonoids. But, it’s time that we learn about the complexities of marijuana and how it holds such pharmacological potential. 

The most important breakthrough was the elucidation of the cannflavin A and B pathways. That’s how researchers could point out the plant’s potency against chronic pain conditions. A company named Anahit International is filing a patent to exploring commercial pain relief products using these molecules. For now, you can use the plant after qualifying for 420 medical evaluations. 

But, hold on…

Is the molecule safer than opioids since that’s why the hunt for alternative medications began? Let’s find out. 

Is Cannflavins Safer Than Aspirin?

Since there is a lot of hype regarding opioids causing addictions, it would be a genuine question. The alternative must be better, but at the same time, it must be a safer option as well. 

Why would anyone put themselves at any risk if they are already exposed to one? 

With cannabis, you can assure the therapeutic potencies without any severe side effects. Of course, no one can rule out all the complications. But, there won’t be any harmful side effects like you get using opioids. Cannflavins don’t damage organs. Instead, they are known to treat inflammation at their source. Based on what we know, it is much better and safer than Aspirin. 

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What Are The Best Strains For Relieving Pain?

No matter what type of consumption method you choose, there is a range of strains available that will help you manage your pain effectively. Just make sure to talk to a medical marijuana expert while going for 420 medical evaluations. As for some smoking works, while for others taking edibles is helpful. Of course, the composition of the strain and methods might vary the final outcomes, so you need some time to get to your right dose using a trial and error method. So, here we go and learn about the potent strains of medical marijuana for pain. 


This strain contains higher levels of THC and CBD. Advocates suggest this strain to boost your immunity against a range of painful conditions. Since CBD cuts the intoxicating effects of THC, patients need not worry about any euphoria. Just make sure to start at lower doses and gradually increase the dose. 

Afghan Kush 

It is one of the best and potent pain-reliever. Afghan Kush is a 100% Indica strain, and its effects are felt almost instantly. This strain is a concoction of inflammatory and painkilling molecules. So, if your pain is cancer-related, it might be useful in such conditions as well. 

Blue Dream 

It is a hybrid strain that is Sativa dominant. The strain does not only provide relaxation, but it also helps you to calm down with its amazing aroma. So, the strain becomes well-suited strain for the daytime issue since it does not produce any euphoria. 

Final Thoughts 

Currently, there is a lot of hype about medical marijuana and its importance as an adjunct in chronic pain conditions. And even studies are implying the same. So, going for 420 medical evaluations in the absence of any full-fledged research won’t be a bad idea for now. But, the government needs to look into this and devise plans to rule out any other possibilities so that every user can go for medical marijuana for pain without any inhibitions.

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