Beyond THC and CBD: Lesser Known Cannabinoids and Their Benefits

Beyond THC and CBD: Lesser Known Cannabinoids and Their Benefits

In the world of cannabinoids, CBD and THC have since long been the ruling pair. Without as much as even a bit of attention, the other cannabinoids have been completely ignored by the masses. Ask any patient of medical marijuana about CBD or THC and you’d get long elaborate answers. But if any allusion is made to CBG, CBC, CBN, THVC, THC-A, CBDA, etc. most often than not, the people are clueless.

Even with an MMJ Card Santa Clara in hand, a patient in this county wouldn’t be completely aware of all the other lesser-known cannabinoids. This is unfortunate because most of these unidentified or less researched cannabinoids are surprisingly quite beneficial for the patients. Here is a rather elaborate guide meant for all those patients. Read on and learn about all the minor cannabinoids and the benefits that they offer the patients.


First on this list has to be CBG. It can be quite surprising for people to know that CBG is actually one of the oldest cannabinoids ever discovered. This is also why it is referred to as the ‘mother of all cannabinoids’. This contributes significantly in terming it as one of the most important minor cannabinoids.

In addition to it being the oldest cannabinoid, it offers the user the best antibacterial properties. This is a newfound amazing benefit of this lesser-known cannabinoid via the research that was conducted only quite recently. CBG is also quite beneficial in treating inflammation without giving any ‘high’ effects to the patient. Thus this cannabinoid has recently become the talk of the town with its range of important benefits that it gives the patient in the wake of its use. It exists in the cannabis plant in its acidic form, CBG-A, and only after proper heating does it get converted to CBG.


CBC or Cannabichromene is another of the non-intoxicating cannabinoids that can be quite helpful if used properly. It can treat a lot of medical conditions including but not limited to pain, inflammation, cancer, depression, etc. Its potential skincare benefits, especially in combination with other cannabinoids like CBDV and THCV, are also quite significant.

Quite similar to CBG, CBC exists in its acidic form CBCA and on heating only does it get converted to the actual CBC.


One of the lesser-known but quite important cannabinoids is CBN. Cannabigerol is an important sedative cannabinoid that is derived when THC is exposed to heat for a rather long duration of time. THC breaks down completely and forms CBN. This cannabinoid can successfully treat symptoms of insomnia, nausea, epileptic seizures, pain and inflammation. It has quite a low intoxication effect on the user as compared to THC, which is why its formulation in products is considered to be so unique and invaluable.

Sooner rather than later, we will surely come across a world which will be full of different types of CBN-infused products.


The molecular structure of THC and THVC is quite similar, despite the obvious difference between these two cannabinoids. It aids in promoting the motor abilities in patients of Parkinson’s and Arthritis as well as works successfully in resolving any seizure type symptoms. Used as an appetite stimulant as well, the immense potential of this minor cannabinoid is quite valuable.

Not only are these great benefits well-researched and supported by extensive studies, but it also has some promising effects in the improvement of symptoms of alleged “untreatable” disorders like diabetes and osteoporosis.


The acidic form of THC, THC-A is the most commonly found cannabinoid in a cannabis plant naturally. Supposed to be the precursor of Delta-9 THC, THC-A supports the wellness of individual patients. There are fortunately quite a lot of beneficial properties that a user can enjoy with the use of products formulated with this amazing cannabinoid. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis disease patients have often been prescribed products that have THC-A.

THC-A also has a rather promising future in the treatment of cancer and epilepsy symptoms.


The acidic form of yet another popular cannabinoid like CBD is also worthwhile. CBDA is heated and CBD is produced from the plant with heat, light, and time. The important nausea relief symptoms of CBDA are quite significant if we talk about the ‘worth its a factor of this cannabinoid.

In accordance with this, of course, we have the special properties of CBDA which are anti-proliferative in nature. It can have a healthy effect on cancer cells and their migration and also has a rather important function in the fight against symptoms of breast cancer. Despite the possibility of it working effectively for cancer, more research studies are desperately needed to know its true extent.

Concluding Thoughts

The importance of these lesser-known cannabinoids is quite valuable. Not just in the way of treatment but with the infinite possibilities that it has in the future of the cannabis business. Medical cannabis is a growing industry that is opening jobs while offering some of the most important health benefits to users. Such rare and hidden gems of the cannabinoid universe are important to be brought out in the open.

When these cannabinoids will make their presence felt and the industry will uncover their true potential, not only will the patients benefit but the industry as a whole will benefit as well. The future of cannabis completely revolves around these special cannabinoids.

To make these cannabinoids the future of the cannabis industry, the right approach must be taken. This field is in dire need of more scientific studies that could back all the claims and make it easy for people to opt for them. With this being said, the industry is on the right track as it is experimenting with the new cannabinoids and testing out their amazing benefits. This process will take its due time and till then we can do our part by trying out new types of products whilst questioning every little information.

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