Can Medical Marijuana Card California be Helpful For Dementia?

Can Medical Marijuana Card California be Helpful For Dementia?

Imagine you have a hard drive with your precious memories. And suddenly, it gets infected with a virus. Boom!! Everything is gone. You feel disheartened and sad. In the same way, when you start forgetting your memories, things start getting scary. Not one but every three seconds, someone in the world develops dementia. And if you think it is not affecting your country, Alzheimer’s is among the top ten conditions causing multiple fatalities in the US. Time and again medical cannabis is coming up as a solution for curing dementia. That’s why the demand for medical marijuana card in California is rising every passing day. However, there is no major clinical trial supporting the claim.

Researchers and other healthcare providers are putting a lot of effort into finding possible cures for the condition. Some conventional medications are effective in slowing down the medical condition. But, somehow people are turning to medical cannabis for relieving their symptoms. 

Medical Cannabis as a Medical Aid

Whenever you say the same “marijuana”, mostly its recreational use comes to mind. But, there is definitely more to it. Fortunately, there are many success stories that confirm its title as medicine in the lives of millions of patients. One can wish for the same outcome in the case of dementia patients as well. On the whole, medical marijuana has many phytocannabinoids and other compounds that work synergistically to provide the desired medicinal effects. Precisely, why more than 30 American states have already allowed the use of cannabis as an alternative medical therapy option.

The combination of different components makes it a solution for a wide array of conditions. It depends on the type of strains you choose that will produce the final results. So, one needs to be aware of different strategies for working with the same plant. For example, consuming different dosages or varying CBD: THC ratios will produce different effects. 

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Medical Cannabis and Dementia: Is it Helpful?

Alzheimer’s is the last stage of dementia. The brain starts building clumps of amyloid proteins in some parts. And research shows that cannabis can be helpful in reducing the build-up. Some even say that marijuana can reduce neurodegeneration as well. Here are some studies that prove its benefits in Alzheimer’s. 

Research Findings

A study featured that THC and CBD had a positive impact on learning abilities with a significant reduction in the clumps. Furthermore, cannabis is helpful in reducing brain inflammation. Although only a few studies advocate this property. There are many symptoms associated with dementia such as anxiety. And cannabis is very helpful in reducing such episodes using its incredible anxiolytic properties. CBD oil seems to be a great cure for dementia symptoms when given in higher doses. While one can not find a link between cannabis and this condition. However, that does not mean we cannot find one as well.

A study conducted in Switzerland found that combining THC and CBD produced a significant reduction in behavioral issues along with rigidity among dementia patients. Some of the patients were able to eliminate their dependence on antipsychotic drugs. Another study found that cannabis was a relatively safe and effective treatment option for managing dementia symptoms. 

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One of the research institutes, King’s College in London, announced to conduct an experiment. As per this trial, they will select 60 patients with definite dementia symptoms. Some will be given a placebo while others will receive cannabis as a medication. If they succeed, it will be one of the best inventions in the healthcare industry. As of now, there are no research studies that could provide conclusive data that cannabis could be a cure for dementia. Instead, you can use it for delaying the progression of the disease.

The Final Verdict

If you think that whether going for a medical marijuana card California for your dementia would be a good option. The answer would be Yes. When there is no other solution available, going for medical marijuana would seem to be the safest bet. Also, anecdotal data provides enough data that cannabis is beneficial in reducing dementia symptoms effectively. A cure is something that will clear the issue from its roots. However, there are no conclusive data available for the same. But, cannabis definitely will help to slow down your dementia.

Many healthcare organizations prefer not to choose cannabis as a medical aid out of concern. So, no one plays with federal funding provided for the research. Endorsing cannabis as a cure would be a complete lie for now. As no certain findings have been shared with the FDA. 

Ending Remarks

Medical cannabis is a type of medicine that is like an elixir where people can find relief for almost all of their symptoms. However, can we say that for all chronic medical conditions? It’s really doubtful as of now. One needs to ask a specialist before starting a medical marijuana treatment plan. That’s how you can avail of maximum benefits with a medical marijuana card in California.

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