Cannabis and COVID-19: Facts You Should Know

Cannabis and COVID-19: Facts You Should Know

A lot of debate has been going around about COVID-19. This is mostly because of the misinformation that is mixed up with facts leaving people wondering what to believe in anymore. While all health departments are working to set the records straight, there are people misusing the desperate situation as a means of creating chaos. The cannabis industry is also no stranger to such situations. 

Cannabis has a long history of aiding recovery for a number of medical conditions. However, there is still a lack of scientific research in this area. It is also well known that cannabis may have some side effects after regular use. These factors have created some concerning doubts among the patient community as well as recreational users about its safety during the pandemic. So here are some facts about cannabis and COVID-19 that will help you update your safety measure in the current crisis. 

Cannabis Can Be Delivered to Your Doorstep

COVID-19 brought unpredictable changes in the cannabis community. You may be aware that most states have deemed cannabis essential. So even during the nationwide lockdown, cannabis dispensaries will remain open for the people. Along with allowing cannabis dispensaries to stay operational, states have also made deliveries more convenient. You can contact your regular dispensary and see if they are allowing home deliveries of cannabis. You can even try online stores like Leafly and Weedmaps, who are taking orders online and delivering it safely at home. 

This is to ensure that people stay indoors and minimal contact is maintained between staff and customers. Also, since a major fraction of cannabis users are patients, they have a higher risk of developing complications with COVID-19. So to minimize their trips outside of their home, deliveries are recommended and preferred as a safer option. If not deliveries, curbside pickups are also available. You can place an order while at home and pick it up from the curb while staying inside your car. 

Even with home deliveries, make sure to follow all safety protocols. Wash your hands after picking up the delivery.  Wear a mask and practice social distancing if you need to interact with the delivery executive. 

Even Occasional Smokers Are at Risk

Smoking cannabis is not the safest option right now. Smoke is a storehouse of several chemicals like tar and carcinogens that can damage the body especially the lungs. Even the plant matter from dried flowers can be very irritating for the respiratory system. These factors can lead to inflammation of the air passages that causes a lot of stress on the lungs as well as the immune system. You may even develop a cough or a sore throat with continuous use making it difficult to get a proper diagnosis of COVID-19. 

Such stress can happen even when you are not a chain smoker. Occasional smokers also experience some degree of inflammation that stresses the lungs. In fact, even second-hand smoke increases the risk factor. It can cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases which makes the body weak to fight COVID-19 and leads to complications. 

So it is the best time to consider quitting smoking. Not just for your health but also for that of others. However, if your reliance on marijuana cannot be stopped, try considering a different delivery method. There are dozens of ways you can choose from like edibles, patches, topicals, sublingual etc. Some of these methods are even more potent than smoking but without any health complications. Just remember to consult your marijuana doctor or a professional about the safety tips of the method you decide to choose. 

Sharing Can Cause Transmission of the Virus

Sharing is a common form of showing care and developing a bond. In the case of marijuana, sharing is like an unsaid etiquette. Whether it is a joint or a cookie, you do share it with your peers. But, it’s time to say goodbye to this habit for a while. 

Sharing a joint is like asking for trouble. Your mouth is the easiest way for the virus to reach the body. If one of the people you are sharing with is infected, you will get the virus too. And so will everyone else who shared with you. Likewise sharing of stash or edibles should also be avoided. Your buds or edibles can act as contaminated surfaces if touched by an infected person. This way if you forget to wash or sanitize your hands after touching your stock, you will get sick due to indirect transmission. 

So remember to practice social distancing or better yet self-quarantine. Wash your hands before taking a dose and stay safe. 

Cannabis is Not a Cure to COVID-19

A piece of news was doing circles on the internet recently about a claim that cannabis or weed can cure COVID-19. Is it true? Absolutely not. There is no reason to believe this or any other claim that has no scientific support whatsoever. People make falsifying statements that only cause chaos, panic and unnecessary burden on the health organizations. 

Cannabis has come to the rescue of a number of people but this should not be the reason to accept its ability to cure COVID-19. There is no evidence of cannabis curing or proving beneficial for coronavirus patients. People believe that the immunosuppressive properties of cannabis may help against the virus but there are no studies about this yet. However, there are cases where it is found that cannabinoids can lead to worsening of viral infections rather than treating or relieving them. So nothing can be concretely concluded about the role of cannabis in the current pandemic. 

Hygiene Must be Maintained While Using Cannabis, Even Indoors

In times like this when health is the top priority, hygiene has to be ensured even while using cannabis. Begin by the basic and most important step of hand wash before and after consuming marijuana. Along with cleaning your hands make sure to clean your equipment too. Grinders, water pipes, bongs or any other cannabis accessory that you use regularly should be cleaned and sanitized. Use cleaning agents with at least 70 percent alcohol and deep clean all the washable equipment. 

Also, make sure to store your stash properly. Keep it away from the reach of children or pets. Avoid trips to the store by maintaining the storage requirements to ensure that your stash stays fresh and potent for longer. 

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. If you are forwarding information without verifying it, chaos and panic will only increase. So keep following the updates about cannabis and COVID-19 and steer clear from suspicious social media posts. Stick to reliable sources and even spread the correct information to your friends and family for their well being.

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