Cannabis Growing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Harvest

Cannabis Growing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Harvest

People are looking for alternative solutions to distract themselves when the world is under extreme stress with the ongoing growing pandemic. And we all know, growing is a great way to lower stress levels. And if you add cannabis to the list, the concoction will help you stress all through. But wait! Don’t forget having a California growers license will extend your limit to 100 square feet for growing marijuana. Make sure you apply for one before starting the actual process.

Let’s get back to the main subject.

Although cannabis is quite a natural plant to grow, it does not mean you can “know-it-all” from the word “go.” As a matter of fact, even professional growers get things wrong from time to time. But, knowledge is the power to undo what you have been doing wrong all this time. The same formula applies to marijuana growing as well.

Don’t waste your valuable cannabis seeds, money, and your precious time by committing common cannabis growing mistakes. So, one must learn to avoid them and look forward to obtaining plenty of fat buds at the time of harvest. Here are the mistakes that you must absolutely avoid.

When You Don’t Have Any Clue About What’s Growing

You might find it a bit childish. But it does happen. Sometimes you get a bag of cannabis seeds to grow. People get happy that they were able to save a few dollars. But the problem starts there. Of course, we are not talking about cannabis seeds. What we mean to say is that growers, especially beginners, often forget to ask what type of cannabis seeds are those. So, technically you are off to a bad start.

You must understand that weed isn’t like any other regular weed. There is a big difference in the core characteristics. An Indica auto-flowering strain will behave very differently from a photoperiod Sativa strain. Some require a colder environment, while a few others need a hot climate to flourish.

In a nutshell, you must know what you are growing. Choose a trustworthy story to get quality seeds. They will provide you with all the basic understanding of growing that strain.

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When Germination Goes Awry

Some fail to bag the right seeds. And others let go of the chance of a beautiful harvest by fumbling at the time of germination. There are several ways to germinate the seeds. But, ideally growing seeds in the soil will produce the best results. However, if you can do it right, choosing a paper towel or Rockwool method would give you the right start.

If you don’t know how to start your process, here’s what you will require for perfect germination.

  • Dark and humid environment. But, a word of caution, it must not be wet.
  • Set your temperature right within 22 to 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Although windowsills would work too, you can go for fluorescent lighting as well.
  • Avoid seed contaminations and damages.
  • Make sure the pH is right if you are using Rockwool to germinate your marijuana seeds. It must be around 5.8-6.2.

When You Fail to Grab The Right Soil 

It is yet another common mistake where growers don’t pay much attention to the growing soil. It’s like placing your veggies on the pan without turning the stove on. Soil gives your seeds all the essential nutrients that are vital for its healthy growth. So, you must always avoid reusing your potting soil or the soil with no nutrients.

But, what exactly can be the “right soil” for your valuable cannabis seeds?

Ideally, your soil must be light and airy. You can grab the one with perlite. That will ensure that your soil has adequate drainage, which will be good for your growing cannabis roots. Other than that, it must contain nutrients. This way, you won’t require any nutrients for many weeks. In fact, you will straightway need essentials when your cannabis enters into a flowering stage.

Lastly, avoid using soil that contains any form of contaminants. Good quality soil will ensure that you obtain good quality buds for consumption. So, keep a note of every minute detail. Otherwise, having a California growers license won’t make any difference.

When You Don’t Have The Right Containers

You might not value the containers while growing your cannabis. But, they can make a lot of difference in the quality and yield of your final product. So, you must consider the following factors while finding the right container for your marijuana. To begin with, make sure that your pot is not too small or too large. In both circumstances, your cannabis growth will restrict.

Secondly, ensure that your pots provide adequate drainage to your growing herb. Make sure there are at least five openings if you are going with plastic containers. You can use fabric pots or air pots.

When You Are Not Monitoring The Necessary Parameters

Seedlings are sensitive to a change in the required parameters required for healthy growth. For instance, if your humidity is too low or high, it will make your seedlings weak. So, maintain the humidity levels to around 65-70% to keep your soil moist. Other than that, you must stop yourself from overwatering and overfeeding your plants. It will flush your soil with the wrong ingredients harmful to your herb. Again, maintaining the right pH is essential to use all the nutrients. So, if you are growing cannabis plants in soil, try maintaining pH at 6 or 7. And if you are using soilless mediums, manage around 5.5 or 6.5.

In the end, proper air circulation is vital to avoid any pest infestation or moldy growth. If you are growing cannabis outdoors, it won’t be a problem. However, indoors, you will have to install definite measures such as an exhaust system or ventilation essentials to provide an excellent growing space for your marijuana plants.

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When You Start Heat Stressing Your Marijuana Plants

Heat Stress can cause a lot of problems, whether your plants are growing outside or inside. A common reason for this is when you grow your plants close to the plant canopy. If you see curled or brown leaves, move your lights right away. And if you are growing outside, ensure that your plants have access to shade, especially during mid of your hot and sunny days.

When You Fail at Recognizing The Right Harvesting Time

It is probably the last and most devastating mistake that you can make to fail your growing mission. So, you must be right at the time of harvesting. Otherwise, you will chop your buds and result in a significant loss. To determine the time, check the color of your trichomes. You might need a loupe or microscope for that.

If your trichomes are clear, you must wait for the harvesting time. If your trichomes are still white or cloudy, wait a bit longer. However, if your trichomes have turned reddish or amber with no whiteness, you have gone past the harvesting time. So, if you find an amber hue over that cloudy white color, it’s the perfect time to harvest your buds.

Final Thoughts

As you know, cannabis legalization has given consumers the right to grow their medicine without relying on dispensaries across many states. It would be a great start, especially when the world is facing an attack from the novel coronavirus.

However, before exercising your green thumb, understand that you must have a California growers license. But, growing marijuana might present you with specific challenges. So, you must gather all your knowledge. Otherwise, the whole experience might turn out overwhelming. Also, make sure to get all the accessories online or opt for curbside pickups. That way, you can avoid catching the deadly virus.

Stay healthy, stay home, and start growing!

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