Effective Tips On Choosing Pots For Your Cannabis Plants

Effective Tips On Choosing Pots For Your Cannabis Plants

There are various effective ways to grow cannabis plants. Some prefer growing them indoors while others simply install a greenhouse for a productive yield. Whatever your growing method, there’s one thing for sure, you need a California growers license or a different state growers license to cultivate a high-quality yield. More interestingly, if you are a medical marijuana patient, then growing can be an excellent option for you. However, the task of cultivating cannabis is not as easy as ABC.

You have to be quite particular about a lot of things. For instance, the growing environment, techniques, and growing medium. In this post, we will help you understand the basics of growing cannabis: Selecting a pot to grow your cannabis plant, and here are some effective tips that will help you choose the right growing container.  

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First, Learn About The Types Of Pots

One of the vital things you first need to learn is that there are different kinds of pots. If you are growing some cannabis plants, you already have some in your green garden. However, novice users should look for the pot container mentioned below: 

Fabric Pots

Fabric containers are not your best choice, but they can help you grow a good yield. You see they come with a thick fabric outer layer with airflow capacity and excellent drainage. Fabric pots will help support the entire plant and the soil will remain firm.  

Plastic Container

If you are looking for something cheap, you can purchase a standard plastic container from the market. But, the only drawback is that these containers are not durable. Although, you can use a plastic container and expect a good drainage system with sufficient space. 

Ceramic Pots

Many gardeners choose ceramic pots to plant a variety of plants. You must have seen a lot of them if you have a well-kept garden. The only disadvantage with ceramic containers is that they do not have a good drainage system. But, for excellent temperature regulation, you can get a ceramic pot. 

Air Pots

Air containers or pots are very similar to fabric pots. They provide incredible airflow and hold the plant and soil quite firmly. These pots are more expensive than the ones mentioned above. Also, these pots can help you grow a yield that requires more than 5 months of nurturing period. 

Similarly, there are various kinds of pots out there in the market. However, the ones mentioned here can help you grow a good yield. So, choose wisely and see which one suits your plant better. You also need to keep the size of your yield in mind. A large growth will require more space than a small growth. Likewise, you also need to keep the growing environment in mind. If the pot demands adaptation, you might have to make some changes accordingly. Also, with an affordable budget and limited space, you can make these pots work for you. 

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Understand Your Growing Medium

Let’s face it you need a solid growing medium for your cannabis plant. The most commonly used growing medium is soil because it provides the plant with nutrients, oxygen, and water. Not only this but high-quality soil can help you get an excellent yield. All you need is a good container to hold the soil properly. Typically, plants can acquire water and nutrients from soil if the container has extremely good airflow. So, make sure your pot has good airflow for the plant to absorb essential nutrients from the soil. 

Additionally, you can also grow your plant using hydroponics. This means you can use water along with coco coir and rock wool to your cannabis plant. And, growing cannabis plants with the help of pots or containers are convenient and budget-friendly. You can use pots for both soil and hydroponic mediums as long as your roots are healthy and strong. 

Remember Size Matters 

If you don’t get the size of your container right, your plant will likely grow out of space for root expansion. This also means that your plant will not have enough space to draw oxygen, water, and essential nutrients. So, make sure you select the right size while choosing the pot. For instance, a seedling will require a small pot, and as the plant grows you need a larger pot. A good rule of thumb is that you should measure two gallons against 12 inches height. In addition to this, the type of strain is also a crucial factor. Each strain requires a different kind of growing space with enough light and airflow. More vitally, with increasing height, the size of the pot will also grow. Also, take note that fabric pots need to be twice the normal size because they dry out very easily. 

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Transplant when Needed 

If you plant a seedling into a cup, gradually with the time you will be required to shift the plant to a larger pot. Particularly, when the plant reaches the edge of the pot. So, count the days of the plant growth and do not water the plant a few days before its transplant. This procedure will help you stick the soil better for further growth requirements. More importantly, while transplanting a cannabis plant, keep the following things in mind: 

  • Make sure you wear gloves to avoid the chances of contamination. 
  • First, fill the new container with a growing medium and then start the process of transfer. 
  • Be careful while moving the plant. Pay special attention to the roots because they can get easily damaged. 
  • Do not move the plant in intense light because it may cause a shock to the cannabis plants. 
  • Water the soil after transferring the plant into the new pot. 
  • Do not consider transferring the plant in the flowering stage. 

Be Mindful Of Water Run-Off

Experienced cannabis growers now that water can easily runoff from the bottom of the pot. While it drips down, it can collect on the floor aimlessly. In other words, as the water passes from the soil to the drainage system you have adequately designed. It may travel from the holes in the pot to the floe right beneath it. To avoid the same, collect water in a tray or a saucer. These both can come quite handy and you don’t even need another drainage system. All you have to do is place a simple tray under one or two plants and don’t forget to empty them regularly.                          

Another benefit of a tray is that you can move the water out of the tray by simply using a pump and it doesn’t require a lot of work. The bottom line is that whichever tool you use, make sure you keep the size of your growth in mind. Moreover, don’t forget to get a California growers license or your state license in order to grow a higher limit of cannabis plants. You can easily get one these days. All you have to do is fill a simple application, provide essential documents and if the authorities deem necessary, you will get a growers license. Also, remember that with an MMJ recommendation you can only grow up to six mature and six immature plants. However, a state medical marijuana growers license will enable you to grow a legal higher limit.

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