Get Growers License in Santa Clara to Source your Own Herb in Times of Quarantine.

Get Growers License in Santa Clara to Source your Own Herb in Times of Quarantine.

This quarantine has made everything tough for us. You cannot step out of home nor quench your thoughts of exploration. Boring, right? Yes, it is! But, that’s the best shot we have at fighting this deadly COVID-19. For marijuana enthusiasts, it has been a tough ride too. Sourcing cannabis has been tough and those regular toking sessions with a bunch of friends have come to a halt. Well, I’m sure a lot of people are already growing their own herb at home. That’s always a great idea. With this current uncertainty in the duration of lock-down, you might add up to your stock. Getting a Growers License in Santa Clara sounds like a good idea. 

Why’s that?

That’s because a grower’s license allows you to expand your grow limit up to 100 square feet of cannabis. That’s a huge jump from what you get from a regular NNJ card. It just magnifies your growing ability to a great extent. 

Why is Growing Your Own Cannabis a Good Idea?

Growing your own stock of herb is better because it gifts you a lot of advantages that are discussed below:

1) It Gives You Greater Control

Naturally, when you are growing at the comfort of your home, you have greater control over the parameters. These include the growing conditions, temperature, quantity, and quality. When you source it from outside, there is no guarantee that how good the quality would be. Although dispensaries have the best quality cannabis but they come expensive and you cannot stock a lot if you are running on a budget. While growing at home, you can dictate the whole growing process and check if everything falls in place.   You can pay adequate attention to the harvesting, drying, and curing process. 

2) It Saves Your Money

As we mentioned on the previous point that purchasing from the dispensary can be pretty expensive and during the current job and cash crunch, you should definitely aim to save those bucks. Well, growing your crop of cannabis can help you save a lot. Although you might have to spend initially on the grow equipment, once you get that fat harvest, you have your returns in stock. We don’t really know how many months this quarantine continues. So, with a good harvest, you can ensure your supply exists in the long run. Just keep a tab on your consumption to keep a constant supply for your quarantine needs. 

3) You’ll Get to Know the Herb at a Deeper Level

Most cannabis enthusiasts are pretty driven towards knowing everything about the herb. That’s the beauty of the plant. It’s loaded with various useful properties that make it one of the best sources of medicine. Now, growing your plants helps you know the herb at a deeper level. You concentrate on aspects that you thought are never really important. You’ll learn how the plant grows and fosters at each stage. Observation will teach you a lot. You’ll know about the nutritional needs of the plants and how to guard the plants against any disease or pests. When you finally harvest the plant and smoke the bud, you’ll feel that a part of you exists in that bud too. So, that’s the difference the whole growing makes. 

4) You Can Experiment

The fact that you are growing on your own means that you can experiment with the entire growing process. There are different growing techniques and various parameters that can be modified depending on the type of strain you want to grow. In fact, growing is a science in itself. With proper knowledge of different parameters, you can influence the flavor, feel, and potency of the final product. There are certain people who like growing indoors while others who like to do it outdoors. So, if you have tested your crop outdoors, you can try growing indoors this time. Techniques like hydroponics are on the rise. 

I’m sure these serve as a trigger to get you into the mood to get one for yourself. But, how are you supposed to do that? Well, the first step is to find a good 420 clinic. Wondering how to do that? No worries, keep reading!

How to Find the Right 420 Clinic?

Finding the right 420 clinic boils down to some basics. With the advent of telemedicine, everything has become much easier. You can access the expertise of experienced marijuana doctors from the comfort of your home. To find the right one, just take care of the following:

1) Pay Attention to the Ratings and Reviews

These are important because they serve as the first-hand experience of patients that used the clinic’s services. It’s something that can enable you to dive into the clinic’s working prowess. You’ll get to know what are the positives and negatives of a particular clinic and other valuable information too. 

2) Take References

Chances are that someone in your friend circle or family might have used some clinic’s services. So, they can help you in choosing the right one. You can ask them about their experience and get a better idea about the whole thing. If they registered for a grower’s license, they can inform you about the process and costs. So, this information can be pretty handy for you.

3) Check if it is Certified

Certifications are very important when it comes to cementing proof that a particular clinic is trustworthy. Cannabis is a sensitive subject and if the doctors are not certified and experienced, their help is of no value. A certified clinic is guided by the latest research and findings in suggesting the best line of treatment for patients. So, always pin your search on a clinic that is certified. 

4) Compare

It’s good to have a list of 3-4 clinics in hand when you are done with your research. Now, it’s time to select the best one out of them. A good way to do that is by comparing the list of clinics on parameters such as price, experience, certifications, and reputation. You should select the one that offers a good mix of everything. A grower’s license is costlier than an MMJ card. So, you should choose a clinic that can offer a good deal along with the service. Check if they can offer discounts. If yes, it’s going to be a good deal for you. 

Once you find the right clinic, you just have to submit a simple application form. The clinic analyzes it and links you to a certified cannabis doctor. The doctor checks if your health demands the need for an enhanced quantity of cannabis supply. If yes, he approves your request of getting a Grower’s License in Santa Clara. Remember the license is to produce crops only for personal use and not for selling. It’s a punishable offense if you are caught selling the crop. So, keep that in mind! Other than that, grow peacefully, and dive into a zone of bliss in this quarantine.

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