Getting Medical Cannabis Can Sometimes Be Intimidating. Here’s How to Navigate

Getting Medical Cannabis Can Sometimes Be Intimidating. Here’s How to Navigate

More than 40 states allow the use of cannabis in some or the other form. So far, 33 states have legalized medical cannabis, and getting a medical cannabis recommendation in these states is very easy provided you know how to navigate through the process. In particular, states with sterner rules and regulations. In this post, we will help you learn how to qualify for medical marijuana use. However, before we begin, here’s one thing that you should keep in mind. 

State rules vary depending on the type of cannabis legalization they have. For instance, California has legalized both medical and recreational cannabis. So, Googling terms such as 420 evaluation near me will enable you to find MMJ clinics with the provision of cannabis recommendations. While in California, it might be very easy for you to qualify for medical cannabis, states such as New York have sterner rules. This is to say that some states allow the use of medical cannabis for only severely debilitating medical conditions. 

The only exception here is that some states have now started listing chronic pain as one of the common qualifying medical conditions. So, before you talk to your doctor or seek medical cannabis care in general, first determine whether you have a qualifying medical condition or not. That said, let us help you navigate through the process of getting marijuana. 

Find a Licensed Medical Health Professional

Most mainstream doctors do not support the use of cannabis for medical purposes. In fact, some don’t even discuss the use of medical marijuana because any association could expose them to ethical problems. Plus, trouble with federal agencies could lead them to lose their license. So, if you’re wondering that your family doctor will provide you cannabis recommendations easily, you are probably thinking wrong. First, because not every doctor provides cannabis care, and second, this is not a sort of thing that can be obtained with a single visit to your family doctor. 

It might be necessary for you to search the internet thoroughly and seek doctors willing to help clear your cannabis recommendation. Once again, in states such as California, it will be easier for you to find a medical cannabis doctor but, some states allow only a bunch of doctors to provide cannabis recommendations. Also, always keep in mind that your medical insurance will not cover anything that is associated with marijuana. 

What’s More? 

Once you find a licensed medical health professional, do not expect that they will help you understand the science behind cannabis and how it works in tandem with your body. While there are reports and anecdotal evidence that suggest cannabis use for various conditions, lack of research makes it difficult for medical health professionals to provide cannabis recommendations easily. So, whenever you feel like the doctor is second-guessing and then answering your questions, that’s because cannabis still requires in-depth research. Plus, no doctor came out of med school with a medical marijuana training certificate. 

Register Online and Receive Recommendation

Once you find the doctor, and you are thorough with the laws of your state, it’s time to use telemedicine as a platform to talk to the doctor. After all, telemedicine will help us all flatten the pandemic curve. For the same, you have to first sign up and provide the necessary details. You will also be required to submit a state-issued ID card or another form of identification proof. If you have medical records, submit them for a thorough evaluation. Soon after submission, a doctor will talk to you over a video call, and on the qualification, you will receive a recommendation via email. You can download the PDF copy and use it the same day to avail of medical cannabis. 

Also, patients residing in California can access cannabis dispensaries as soon as they get a marijuana recommendation. In Illinois, you have to register with the health department before doing anything else. Similarly. In states such as New York, after getting a recommendation, you have to first register with the state medical marijuana program. Next, you have to wait for an MMJ ID card to arrive through state postal services. 

Final Thoughts 

Now, this is how you will navigate through the process of getting recommendations and availing of cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that cannabis is still illegal on the federal level. It’s vital to understand the state laws before taking the next step. Once you understand the rules and the process, you won’t even need to search the internet for questions like how to get a 420 evaluation near me anymore. You will be good on your own.

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