Growing Cannabis: Follow These Tips For The Best Results

Growing Cannabis: Follow These Tips For The Best Results

Every cannabis strain offers different effects. But have you ever come across a bud and thought, “yes, this stuff is out of this world”? You know I’m talking about some really good stuff here! Well, you can grow cannabis on your own too! You just need to have a California growers license to grow cannabis of your own. I know what you’re thinking, growing cannabis can consume a lot of time, you’d have to give regular attention and put a lot of energy in the process. But believe me, it’s worth everything. 

Also, you can do many simple things to make sure you get the results you’re looking for. Yes, you can even get the quality of buds you find in a dispensary! You just have to do things in the right way and soon you will have your buds. So, here are some of the best tips for you that can help you get the results you are looking for.

1. Are You Familiar With The Importance of Genetics?

Do you know what’s the first thing that determines the quality of bud you will get at the end? It’s the seed you select. Seed selection plays a crucial part in the growing process, and the genetics of the seeds can influence the final results of your buds. No matter what growing process you follow, you can not change the genetics of your seeds. And these genetics decide the nature of the buds.

So, when buying your seeds, consider your preference. Don’t just buy any seed for the sake of growing cannabis. Think about what kind of effects are you looking for and then buy the seeds that suit you.

2. Your Cannabis Would Need a Lots of Light

Just like you need food, your plants need light. Maybe it’s not the best comparison but you got the point, light is very important for your plants. Your seeds may have high potency and are of the highest quality, but you won’t get the desired results until they get enough amount of light.

Make sure your plants are getting enough light. Your normal ‘bulb’ might not work here. So, what to do? Don’t worry, I have a solution for you. Go for CFLs and T5s. These will make the great grow lights for your plants and will help you get high-quality products. 

Also, make sure you provide only the required amount of light to your plants. Too much of anything is never healthy. So, give your plants all the light they need but only as much as they can handle. Remember, good light gives good buds.

3. Buff up Your Plants With All The Nutrients And Supplements

Using the quality soil is important, no one can deny this. But, sometimes ignoring supplements can be harmful to your plants. How? In case the soil you are using is depleted, your plants can suffer from a few consequences. This is where these synthetic products can help you make sure that your plants stay in their best health.

But, you need to learn how to use these products. Using these products in the wrong way can lead to some undesirable results. They can burn the roots, damage or weaken the leaves of your plants. These problems can also block the supply of nutrients to your plants. So, use these products in the correct way and make your plants strong. 

4. Don’t Forget to Provide Strong Air Flow And Good Ventilation For Your Plants

You can’t live in bad air, you need fresh air to breathe. Your body functions well only when you get fresh air. The same thing goes for your plants. This affects the overall quality of your plants. Good airflow plays a major role in giving you the best buds. And to provide high-quality air to your plants, you need to have good ventilation and airflow.

This will protect your plants from the mold. Mould mainly occurs in the stagnant and damp environments that have only a little airflow. Well, don’t worry if you don’t have much idea about how to maintain good airflow. You can use fans to circulate the air nicely. The exhaust systems can come in handy too with fans.

Final Thoughts on Growing Cannabis

Yes, growing cannabis can be a bit difficult, but it’s worth it. Follow these tips to make your work easier. Also, make sure you have your California growers license before you go and start buying your seeds. So, be patient, follow these tips, and once you have your buds, enjoy!

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