Here’s What You Need to Grow Your Cannabis Amid The Lockdown

Here’s What You Need to Grow Your Cannabis Amid The Lockdown

Every organization, local or national, is ramping up several measures to keep the growing pandemic at bay. But shaky supplies and the fear of isolation are making it hard for millions to control their anxieties or stress levels. Frankly, everyone is trying their bit to crack the code. And the ones who are not quite sure how to tackle this pandemic, it’s time that you switch to growing cannabis. But hang on!!! You will either require a medical marijuana card or a grower license, Santa Clara, to avoid any legal implications. 

You must be thinking, what am I saying this? Scientifically, gardening is an incredible tool to lower down your rising stress levels. And springtime is the best time to start your cannabis gardening. But, if thoughts like, “I don’t know where to start” are crossing your mind, we’ll help you understand the complexities of the process. So, let’s get started now.

What Does a Marijuana Plant Require?

If you follow the correct guidelines, cannabis growing might feel like a game. Like any plant, it also requires light, water, air, nutrients, growing medium, and correct temperature to flourish. Surprisingly, cannabis plants have the potential to thrive on their own. But, that does not mean you have no role to play. Experts growers suggest that it requires a human touch to reach its higher potency and quality. 

The following is the checklist of items that your cannabis plant will need to thrive. 


Light is the soul of any growing plant. It gives them the ability to perform photosynthesis, nurture themselves. In other words, light is the source of energy that helps cannabis plants grow. You can either go with natural light or buy an artificial light to start the growing process. 

Also, don’t forget to read the label of your cannabis seeds. It will help you confirm if they require any special attention in terms of the wavelength of light. You can also search for growing hacks for your favorite cannabis strains. 


The most commonly used growing medium is soil. Yet, that’s not the only choice. You can use air and water mediums as a setting to grow your cannabis plants. Experts believe that soil-based systems are particularly easy for beginners. You won’t have to take any extra measures. However, using a soil-less medium might be enticing and thrilling who have already given soil a try before. 

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It’s no brainer that plants breathe. The only difference is that they use carbon dioxide. But, if you are growing cannabis somewhere that does not get enough air, your plants will die soon. So, opt-in for the areas that are ventilated. Or a place that gets non-stop fresh air. You can also use an exhaust system or ventilation set-ups to improve the air circulation of your growing area. 


Like you need food to grow, plants also require proper nutrients to nurture and grow healthy. The macro nutrients that you will require would be nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, and calcium. In addition to that, you will also need a few micro nutrients to ensure steady and healthy growth of your cannabis plants. These include iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, boron, chlorine, and manganese. 

You can provide nutrients to your plants by using organic fertilizers enriched with all macro and micro nutrients. If not that, there are many ready-to-mix nutrients available for growing cannabis. 


Water is vital for every living being to grow and thrive. Marijuana is no different. It’s because water helps with nutrients delivery throughout the plant. Without it, cannabis can’t survive or grow into a healthy and robust plant. But not every water can be helpful. You need to water your plants within a pH range of 6 or 7 as it is ideal for nutrient uptake. 

Once you sort all the items of the given checklist, follow the steps to start growing cannabis at your home amid the lock-down. 

How to Start The Process of Growing Cannabis?

If you are ready to start your cannabis gardening journey, first make sure you have your grower license, Santa Clara. Who knows you won’t need to visit a dispensary anytime soon? Wouldn’t that be a great idea with the current circumstances? So, follow the steps to maximize your yield. 

Choose Your Grow Area

Cannabis can grow anywhere. It’s like a weed. However, to get a highly potent strain, you must give cannabis a suitable environment. You can either grow marijuana in a controlled environment or cultivate it under the natural sunlight. It’s entirely upon you. 

Setting up a Light Source

Although if you use an outdoor growing module, you won’t require any artificial light. Contrary to that, if you are growing cannabis indoors, you will have to provide light using CFCLs, LEDs. You can also use the T5/T8 fluorescent lighting system for plants that require less light. 

Choose The Correct Growing Medium 

As we already mentioned that you could grow cannabis using soil or soilless mediums. For soilless mixtures, you can use perlite, vermiculite, coco coir, or other similar mediums. Once you finalize that, make sure that your plant is getting every nutrient. Check your water pH, and in case if the numbers seem shaky, quickly adjust it. 

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Pick Your Favorite Cannabis Strain

Ideally, this should be the first thing. But, if you are losing out on any other step, having cannabis won’t matter. You can either go with a seed or a clone to proceed with the germination phase. For that, you can use soil or a paper towel. Even cotton buds would help. Once you acquire one for yourself, here’s what you can expert as a growing process. 

  • The vegetative stage of strains might vary. But, it would be the longest of all. In this stage, leaves of your plants would appear. You can adjust your lights to stimulate growth. 
  • Then it will lead to the flowering stage where the plant would start producing icky buds. 
  • Then comes the harvesting time. It would be one of the most rewarding times. However, the work is not over yet.
  • The next part would be essential to last your buds for a longer period. That’s called drying and curing. 

Final Thoughts

Cannabis growing is both fulfilling and rewarding since it will act as a stress buster right from the start. Plus, you don’t need many resources to start home growing your favorite cannabis strain. So, if you are trying to be productive during the lockdown, growing cannabis might be the right activity for you. But, make sure to apply for a grower license, Santa Clara, to extend your limits. 

Give yourself a chance to comfort yourself amid the growing public health crisis. Stay home, grow cannabis, stay safe!!

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