Here’s Why Growing Cannabis Indoors is Better Than Outdoors

Here’s Why Growing Cannabis Indoors is Better Than Outdoors

With the legalization of cannabis in various states, many states also allow you to grow cannabis at home. And growing your own cannabis is always exciting and fun. You can not compare the satisfaction that you get while harvesting your yield. You realize all your hard work and patience is worth it when you see those beautiful buds. Both medical and recreational users are starting to grow their own cannabis. Medical patients can even get a growers license Santa Clara to increase their grow limits. 

Even though growing your own cannabis has become so popular, there’s still some debate over what is better – growing cannabis indoors or outdoors. Understanding which can be a better growing environment can help you get the desired results. The answer to this can be subjective as both methods have different benefits. But growing cannabis indoors has some advantages over growing outdoors. This has happened mainly because of the advancements in technology. Having said that, let’s look at some of the reasons why growing indoors is better than outdoors.

Get to Control The Climate With Indoor Growing

It is a known fact that cannabis needs a specific range of temperature to grow well. If it is too cold or too hot, you will not get the results you are looking for. You may get smaller and fewer flowers (that too only if the plant starts to flower at all). While it is not possible to control the climate outside, you can do that indoors. One of the biggest advantages of growing indoors is that you can control the environment in which your plants will grow. This offers you the chance to grow your cannabis throughout the year. 

When you grow cannabis indoors, you do not have to worry about finding a suitable climate for producing cannabis. For example, cannabis grows best when the temperature is between 65 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, growing cannabis indoors allows you to control the temperature of the room where you are growing your cannabis. You can also control the humidity in the room, and hence protect your plants from getting infested with mold. This makes growing indoors an obvious choice for you.

Protect Your Plants From Bugs, Pests, And Animals

Just like any other crop, cannabis plants also have to deal with various kinds of pests. These pests can cause damage to a healthy crop. When you grow outdoors, you can not do too much about these pests. They can cause a lot of damage to an outdoor environment. 

But, by growing indoors, you can reduce this risk. And I’m not denying that there is still some risk of pests when growing indoors too. But with some knowledge about insect prevention can help you reduce the chances of pests causing damage to your garden.

Take Advantage of Grow Lights

When you are growing indoors, you can control the growing conditions for your plants. As I mentioned before, you get more control over temperature and humidity when growing indoors. Here’s another benefit of growing indoors – you can also control the duration of light your plants are exposed to. I know what you are thinking, sunlight is the best light, but there are still benefits of grow lights over Sunlight. 

When growing outdoors, you can not control the number of daylight hours your plants will get. Sunlight is only available for some hours only, it depends on the location where you live. But with the help of grow lights, you can expose your plants to lights for as many hours as you want. In addition to this, the light quality is also vital for your plant’s growth. For this, you can choose to get LED grow lights. These lights help you to make sure that your plants are getting the right amount of light to grow. You get the control to increase or decrease the intensity of the light depending on how close the plants are to the lights.

So, here you go with some pros of growing cannabis indoors. These points clearly show that even though growing outdoors can have some benefits, growing indoors can be a better option.

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