Homegrown Cannabis is Trending During COVID-19. Should You Try It?

Homegrown Cannabis is Trending During COVID-19. Should You Try It?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic became a big enough issue for the world to take shelter in their homes, the need for a pastime became one of the necessities. It’s unlike humans to stay without social interaction and within four walls for months. This is why most of us joked about losing our sanity. Well, if not for the many pastimes, we definitely would have lost our sanity. Among the many ways of losing the quarantine blues, cannabis turned out to be a trending activity. How? With the practice of victory gardens. 

COVID-19 brought back the idea of victory gardens but this time the idea was extended to cannabis. Victory gardens were originally meant for growing food and other necessities that can sprout from the earth during the two World Wars. In the modern world of the 21st century, cannabis is essential for a large fraction of the US population. So it makes more sense that victory gardens of COVID-19 would include cannabis. 

Having more time to kill makes it an easier decision to grow cannabis at home. But, does it benefit you in any way? Let’s take a look.

Why Should you Grow your Own Cannabis?

It’s always best to understand something to see if it is worth trying at all. So if you are on the fence about whether to grow your own cannabis or not, these points will help you make a decision.


In the time of a widespread health crisis, safety is beyond everything else. Proper hand wash, masks, social distancing, and staying indoors are some of the many ways to ensure protection. And cannabis forms a part of this list too. 

By growing cannabis at home, your chances of exposure to COVID-19 reduces significantly. You’ll have a long time supply of cannabis right at home so there will not be a need to visit a dispensary for restocking. As a result, your interaction with people will decrease and so will the contact with potential contaminants like cannabis packaging. 

Homegrown cannabis is also a better way to be clear of any doubts about the safety of your stash. Many people are always skeptical about the quality, growing conditions, use of pesticides, and handling of their bought stash. In the case of homegrown cannabis, you are free to overlook all of these factors and control them according to your preference. So safety is ensured in all aspects.


COVID-19 may have caused you to be frugal with all of your expenses. But growing cannabis at home can help you financially. For people who use medical cannabis, the need for regular restocking is necessary. But amid the health hazard, ordering from outside comes with a slight possibility of getting sick. Also, the bills pile up with every purchase. When you grow cannabis at home, you’ll have supply from home. This means more savings. 

Yes, there is a need for an initial investment. You will have to buy the seeds and all other requirements based on whether you are growing indoors or outdoors. But, besides these expenses, you are looking at a long time of money savings.


The main purpose of the idea of victory gardens was to be self-sufficient. Since the supply of food was disturbed back then, people decided to take matters in their own hands and grow their own food. The same situation is prevalent right now. Fearing the low supply of cannabis, people, especially medical patients, started growing their own plants. It offers an undisturbed supply and savings for as long as you keep the plant healthy. So don’t you think a cannabis plant is a more sustainable option than online orders and regular dispensary visits? 

Keeps Mind Busy

Coming to one of the main reasons why homegrown cannabis became a trend- boredom. When quarantine gave people free time (way more than they needed) many found an exciting pastime in gardening. 

Gardening involves effort in terms of care. Keeping a regular check on the plant, looking after its needs, and ensuring proper growing conditions, all these things involve time and energy. So you won’t have time to think about boredom anymore. Gardening is also a great stress buster. The caring activities and final harvest act as a great distraction and add a sense of control in a world of crisis.

Basic Requirements Growing Cannabis at Home

Having gone through the benefits of homegrown cannabis, if you decide to start your own cannabis harvest, here are some things to keep in mind.

Know the Laws

Since cannabis is surrounded by legal issues, you must first acquaint yourself with the marijuana laws of your state. Every state has different cannabis growing requirements and regulations. First of all, if your state allows recreational use, find out how many plants you are allowed to grow legally. In case your state only has provisions for legal medical use, you will have to go through 420 evaluations to have cannabis plants at home legally.

Be Careful While Buying Seeds

Check the seeds you buy before anything else. There are different types of strains for cannabis. The three main types are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids. Each has its own set of growing requirements so you must know which variety you own. Make sure to identify whether your seeds are feminized or not. While the former grows more buds, the latter is more suited for cross-breeding purposes. 

Follow the Growing Requirements

Like any other plant, cannabis has its special growing requirements. For example, high temperatures can cause the plant to droop and dry out. On the other hand, low temperatures are a cause of stunt growth. Likewise, humidity is an important aspect that needs to be maintained at proper levels. A little too much and you’ll have a moldy harvest that is of no use to anyone.

Maintain Proper Cleanliness

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor growing space, cleanliness should be maintained. Do not let any pruned parts or fertilizers stay longer around the growing area. They are easy targets for bacteria and mold and can damage the harvest if not cleaned. Also, maintain proper sanitation of the equipment you use regularly. After all, you have the one who will be using the harvested buds.

Keep a Regular Check 

Remember to do a regular check on your plant. See if the growth is healthy or not. Look out for any moldy or diseased parts and cut them off immediately. Keep an eye for any heat or nutrition burn or any other sign of over or underfeeding. Maintain a regular checkup schedule for pH too. And make sure that it is well within the perfect range as per your growing medium. 

Now that you know that homegrown cannabis can be a trend worth following, would you consider growing some at your home? Good luck to you if you do.

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