How Are Yoga and Cannabis Connected?

How Are Yoga and Cannabis Connected?

Did you know that curing yoga and cannabis can have positive effects on your body? They bring in a flow of creativity and a healthy body! The combination of yoga and cannabis accentuates energy and positive within you. If you love to stay fit and want to have a grand lifestyle, apart from consuming marijuana, then add yoga to your daily regimen.

For people who have medical marijuana for their physical ailment, they should definitely try yoga! It will catalyze to reduce your stress and symptoms of illness (only some can be managed by yoga, not all). Adding marijuana to your favorite yoga routine will enhance the benefits you receive with only yoga. Forget not that you need to have a medical marijuana card in Santa Clara to have access to medical marijuana in Cali areas.

It might seem weird to include cannabis in your yoga routine, but it is unbelievably interesting. First, it is clear how medically helpful marijuana is, so there is no point in discussing that. However, for beginners, it can be a little daunting. Where to start? What marijuana strains are good for me? Which one works better with yoga? How to take up marijuana? All these questions have individual answers and need a little research on your part. Get to know yourself and your choices better before indulging in cannabis and yoga.

Yoga and Marijuana

Remember, yoga and marijuana have been in existence for centuries. They have individual benefits. So, the combination shall also benefit us immensely. 

With the legalization of marijuana, people have been including and experimenting with it. And it has found its place in yoga too. However, there is a debate ongoing between practitioners. The question is whether it helps to achieve the ultimate goal of oneness. Some also term this as Ganja Yoga and Meditation. It heals you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

So, open a door to your spirits and physical and mental well-being with marijuana! Marijuana contains CBD and THC compounds. You will find that some marijuana strain is more helpful to reach your goal with yoga. Yoga becomes fun and energizing with marijuana. Moreover, THC is considered tamasic in Ayurveda. They hide things like emotions and pain.

Lavender before Bedtime

Stretching yourself before bedtime for about half an hour after a little marijuana consumption will give you a sound sleep. Preferably, lavender is the marijuana strain that you reach out for at night. The mind feels alive and falls into an imaginative state. Your before-bed yoga experience with marijuana will make you more grounded and connect with the inner self.

GSC for Lower Back

Working on your hip and lower back with GSC (Girls Scout Cookies) will boost relaxation in you. You will feel an energetic body flow while working on your back. Take long and stretched breaths in between. However, you will be calm and peaceful with your focus on physical and mental grounding. It also makes you alert the morning after.

Tangie for Practice

Tangie will be perfect for yoga practice as you will feel more wandered and around. Energy will go through roof and yoga poses will be more fluent. The after-effect of Tangie stays right on too. You will get your chores done and finish all the extra work without putting in too much effort.

Mind and ACDC

ACDC is a marijuana strain for energizing your body and relaxing mind. Control your breathing during your yoga sessions and you will be refreshed later on. You will feel more cleansed and feel peaceful both physically and mentally. It is easy-going; and is the perfect element to accompany yoga. The energy flow gets boosted.

Benefits of Yoga and Cannabis Together

It is stated that this combo has lots of benefits. Let us check out what benefits do the combination actually has!

Mindful Breathing

Cannabis always elevates your mood and makes you feel lighter. So, take up marijuana before yoga and start your regimen with a little meditation. It becomes easier for you to lighten your burden and remove all the thoughts from your mind. Before starting your yoga, you must have some minutes to sink down into all the events, thoughts, and feelings and melt them away. It takes minor effort, but with a combination of mindful breathing and focused attention, the process gets smooth.

Heightened Senses

Yoga teaches you to work with your senses and be more aware of your immediate environment. The music and sounds you hear feel more enhanced. You start feeling the essence that each sensory organ brings to you. The scent, the sound, and the sight–all of it get heightened when you infuse marijuana with your yoga. They all start to be a part of your flow and you do not get distracted as easily as you might do earlier.


Yoga is all about movements! Play music while you do yoga. Move and sync your body movements with the music. Including marijuana will make your movements crested and receded. Staying still might be challenging to some. So, you can add some pulsing movements to a yoga routine. You will feel more enthusiastic and revitalize yourself.


The connection with your inner self gets better. Anyway, yoga will let you feel your beating heart and your breathing patterns. To get the best of yoga, you need to focus on your insides. Think about your mind and heart. Marijuana will make you spiritually aware and your concentration and focus improve by time. Your mind gets quiet, and you can rely on your body for all yoga movements and breathing. Exercising your body along with the mind will give you a sense of joy and relaxation.


Yoga, undoubtedly, motivates you to carry out your daily busy schedule and your probable hectic life. Marijuana will only add to rescue your mind and provide you peace for the time you indulge in yoga. And this is supposed to last all day. Practice yoga after you smoke up marijuana. It will shake you up differently and allow your flow to be synced with efficacy.

Yoga Practice

Ending yoga with shavasana is the best. You get time to evaluate your entire yoga session. Take a moment to feel the vibration running through your body at the end. You find that post cannabis yoga and ending with shavasana will help you be more in sequence and sync. Feel your own energy flow within your body. It is calming and healing at the same time.

Some might be hesitant to combine yoga and marijuana. Feel comfortable and the go-ahead to have a yoga session with your choice of marijuana strain. This new experience will be eye-opening and thought-provoking.

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