How Does Marijuana Affect Different Genders?

How Does Marijuana Affect Different Genders?

Imagine what it would be like if you attend a party with a group of friends and get drunk. All your friends started feeling tipsy. And you can’t feel a thing. Isn’t that common with a lot of people out there? The same goes for medical marijuana as well. Men and women seem to differ when it comes to susceptibility or vulnerability to the effects of cannabis. We’ve all been there, you share a puff or two and feel nothing at all while your friends are enjoying its effects. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right strain and dosage with your medical marijuana evaluations. But, wait- there’s more…

How Does Medical Marijuana Affect Men And Women? 

Research believes that men tend to be more vulnerable to the intoxicating effects of cannabis than women. Therefore, they are likely to show dependence issues more than women. The studies support the fact that cannabis might cause a dimorphic effect on sex hormones. The endocannabinoid system has a close interaction with the biological foundation of humans. Research confirms that sex hormones might alter the CB1 receptor density that might eventually modulate the levels of endocannabinoids. Another revelation stated that sex hormones affect the biological functions associated with the endocannabinoid system based on the difference in hormones, neurobiology, genetic sequence, or anatomy. 

The Effects in Men And Women 

It’s like when it comes to men, the brain releases dopamine in the area that induces reward feelings. However, with women, the brain releases the neurochemical in an area that impacts the behavior of a person. So, women are likely to use it for functional reasons such as pain or anxiety. Reports reveal that women felt enhances sensations or confidence after using cannabis. So, they might be affected by the withdrawal symptoms much more badly than men. So, make sure to discuss everything before going for medical marijuana evaluations for yourself. 

Regardless of the effects of hormone cycles on the modulation of the endocannabinoid system, males have lower CB1 receptors So, the difference of effects in both the genders is pretty huge. And besides that, the metabolic breakdown might also differ between the two. It seems that men would not require tolerance breaks as often as women would need. Research shows that higher THC levels might temporarily result in lower levels of testosterone. 

A Lot to Learn

The results that we discussed above helped us to understand the differences between the effects of cannabis on two primary genders, i.e. men and women. However, the process is yet unknown. So, it is important to find the why’s and how’s of this process. Also, human trials are limited. And sex differences are likely to be influenced by a lot of external factors. Plus, there is a lot of gap between men’s and women’s personal life choices in terms of social, medical, and personal needs. That’s how the outcomes might vary. 

The differences might lie in the availability of cannabinoid receptors, metabolic processes of hormones, or the combination of everything. Anecdotal evidence confirmed that men could use cannabis compulsively than women. So, you must take all the factors into account when going for medical marijuana evaluations for managing your medical condition. 

Bottom Line 

Medical marijuana is a plant full of therapeutic potential for a range of medical conditions. So, it’s essential that you understand the role of medical marijuana in different conditions and how it might help you recover. Otherwise going for medical marijuana evaluations will not be of any use. So, you must talk to a doctor and ask the best ways to use cannabis for managing your condition effectively.

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