How Marijuana Works For Migraine Treatment?

How Marijuana Works For Migraine Treatment?

Marijuana can be used as an effective treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and other severe conditions. A recent survey by Migraine Buddy reported that 82 percent of the migraine patients who tried cannabis said it worked for easing their symptoms. In many cannabis legalized states, migraine is listed among their MMJ qualifying conditions’ lists. Thus, by applying for 420 evaluation, you can easily access medical marijuana.

What Are Migraines?

Migraine is listed among the world’s most-disabling illnesses. It’s more common than diabetes and asthma. If left untreated, a migraine usually lasts for 4-72 hours. The frequency and duration may vary from patient to patient.

Migraines usually cause pain on one or both sides of the head, throbbing pain, sensitivity to light, nausea, and vomiting. After a migraine attack, many feel drained, stressed, and confused. Sometimes, a sudden movement of the head can result in pain.

Marijuana For Migraines

In the brain and other parts of the body, there exists a network of cannabinoid receptors, which affect how you feel pain. Marijuana can help in easing migraine headaches by interacting with these receptors.

When you consume cannabis, cannabinoids in it bind to the receptors in the brain, thus calming down pain signals and promoting wellness. Studies have found that cannabinoids are also effective in relieving nausea, muscle spasms, and other health issues associated with migraines.

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Of the more than 100 phytocannabinoids, THC and CBD are the ones that get most of the attention. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that makes you high and relaxed. On the other hand, CBD doesn’t cause intoxicating effects. Under the Farm Bill of 2018, hemp-derived CBD products are legal across the country.

Although there’s a wide range of prescription medications for migraines, they don’t work for all patients. Some heavy-hitting drugs cause various unwanted side-effects. Cannabis on the other hand provides natural results.

A study published in the Journal of Pain in 2019 reported that marijuana use could relieve migraines and headaches by 50 percent. Although tolerance of cannabis may increase over time, it doesn’t lead to worsening of the symptoms. Cannabis concentrates are considered to work more significantly than flowers.

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According to a retrospective study of 279 patients, 88.3 percent of the participants said marijuana brought a significant improvement in headaches. Over 50 percent of the participants reduced headache frequency and 38.3 percent reported an improvement in sleep. Moreover, half of the participants reduced opioid use.

Get The Best Cannabis Strains For Migraines

If you are interested in using cannabis for migraine headaches, you must get the best strains. This is because the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes greatly influence the effects of marijuana. For instance, if you want to experience relaxing, calming effects of marijuana without getting high, go for high-CBD strains.

Here’s the list of the best marijuana strains that can help ease migraine symptoms-

  • Black Magic
  • Disney Blue
  • Sun Ra
  • Blueberry Space Cake
  • Alpine Blue
  • Fallen Angel
  • Cherry Mender
  • Bell Ringer
  • Cambodian Haze

To buy cannabis legally, you need a doctor’s recommendation. With telemedicine, it has become very easy to apply for 420 evaluations online. The process involves three simple steps-

  • Signing up for an account
  • Seeing a doctor online
  • Getting MMJ recs in PDF format

Final Thoughts

Marijuana is effective in fighting migraine headaches. Studies show that cannabinoids in the herb work by binding to the receptors in the brain that controls pain signals. Cannabis is also beneficial in relieving anxiety, stress, and other health issues related to migraines. Although there are medications for migraine available in the market, they can lead to dependency and overdose issues.

For patients who want to use cannabis as a migraine treatment, learning how to use the herb is very important. Choosing the wrong strain, dosage, and consumption method may result in worsening of the symptoms. So, when purchasing cannabis, check the levels of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD carefully. Start with low doses of low-THC strains, and monitor the effects closely. You can try different strains to find out what works for you the best.

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