How To Determine That You Are Paying For Good Cannabis Flower

How To Determine That You Are Paying For Good Cannabis Flower

Considering that the most common method of consumption of cannabis remains cannabis flower, it is important that you get an idea of what you are investing in when you go out to buy them from a dispensary.

To be truly able to experience the best strains for your medical condition, the first order for you should be to get a Medical Marijuana Card Santa Clara. Once you get that, it becomes a lot easier to navigate the dispensary landscape.

Let’s start by clarifying some terms when you want to shop for good cannabis flowers.  Flower refers to the dried and cured female cannabis plant’s blooms. Other words used to describe them include nugs and buds. The biggest factor considered by most people is the THC content. There are however some flowers that have high CBD content that produce much less intoxicating effects.

One term that you will often hear out and about is the top-shelf flower.

What is a Top Shelf Flower?

A high-quality flower is often referred to as a top-shelf flower.  The best products in the cannabis world are created using these products. A good high-quality flower is often the basis for a large number of great products like edibles, tinctures, and even oil.

Identifying top-shelf flowers is an art that even the best of people often take some time to understand and even connoisseurs are often sent for a tailspin when it comes to identifying good marijuana. Today, we will be highlighting the four major things you should be looking at when you are picking up cannabis flowers.

Signs To Look For In Good Cannabis Flower

The major signs to look out for include smell, appearance, feel, and flower structure.


When cannabis is handled with care and cured to exhibit the highest possible standards of cultivation it has a pungent and pleasant aroma. Flowers that emit a strong scent that is often referred to as a dank or loud odor are usually considered to be a great quality flower. There are plenty of aromas associated with high-quality cannabis-including but not limited to skunk, diesel, and pine. The underlying common factor here is that good-smelling flowers have a distinct, pungent odor. The stronger the odor, the better the flower is.


Fresh marijuana flower has the same look as that of any other products available in the market. The visual appearance is a great way to determine what the quality of the flower is. Every cannabis flower that you buy in the market needs to be visually appealing. Especially if we talk about a top-shelf flower, you should be able to see a vibrant display of colors. Expect to see colors like deep green with flaming red or orange hair or deep purple or bright blue flowers.

Another aspect of a great flower is the visual appearance and viability of trichomes. This tiny glittering crystal-like substance on the plant’s surface is responsible for the flowers’ smell, flavor and even the effects to some degree.  The more trichomes you can see with the naked eye, the more you are able to gauge the flower’s intoxicating and therapeutic capabilities.  If you aren’t sure just take a magnifying glass to see and you will get a comprehensive look at the flower.


Most top-shelf flowers have another property. They are sticky and slightly spongy to the touch. The stems of good quality buds should be easy to snap and the bud itself should be relatively easy to pull apart. At the same time, it cannot be dry and brittle. If you feel that the flower is too airy to touch and there is no weight behind it then it is not good.

A dense, sticky flower will feel exactly that way. Buds themselves should not feel too wet or soft as there is a chance they might develop mildew or mold.

Flower Structure

When a flower is skillfully cultivated, it can turn out one of two ways. Either they will be light and fluffy in shape and composition or they can end up tighter and denser depending on the type of flower they are.

Now the structure of the plant is grown with care and does not really really affect the end experience. But if it is not. Then there are issues. Improper lighting can lead to fluffies nuggs which implies that they were not grown to their full potential and rock-hard flowers imply that they were given too many growth supplements.

THC Percentage is Not Everything

This is a source of amazement to most people, but the truth is THC percentage really does not make the best Cannabis. The quality of cannabis is actually determined with the help of a complex understanding of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the cannabis strain.

This is the only way you will be able to truly experience the beauty that is the cannabis flower as the entourage effect is what gives rise to well rounded wholesome effects of the flowers. This is also why it is recommended that you buy full-spectrum products whenever possible.

If you focus on just the THC part of the flower then there is a possibility that you might end up with a one-dimensional effect that may even aggravate the symptoms that you are aiming to manage with the help of cannabis.

So, even though not every product has its full chemistry written on its label, you can always ask your budtender for help.

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