How to Grow Bigger Marijuana Buds?

How to Grow Bigger Marijuana Buds?

Do you know why some growers are able to produce bigger cannabis buds while others struggle with the quality of the buds? How you grow and care for your plants directly influences the quality of your flowers. So, if you want to increase your harvest, it’s important to learn about certain things. You can get a medical marijuana growers license Santa Clara to legally grow 99 plants.

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In this post, we are going to discuss the tips to help you grow top-tier quality marijuana buds.

Check Lights

This is a secret of growing big, great buds. With the help of light, cannabis plants absorb CO2 and convert it into sugars. So, give your cannabis plants plenty of light, and you will note the difference in the quality of buds. And, it’s impossible to reach that potential in the case of underpowered lights. Lights such as LEDs, HPS, etc. can help you produce dense flowers.

If you don’t give enough light to the buds, your buds will not grow quickly. However, they may become tall for getting more light. So, chances are low that they can produce bigger buds.

Temperature & Humidity

To get the best results, you must set the temperature and humidity to optimal levels. Remember, too high or too low temperature can affect the growth of the plants. For instance, at too high temperatures, the buds will not be as potent. With lights, the ideal temperature for cuttings and seedlings is 68-77 degrees F. And, without lights, the temperature should be 59-72 degrees F.

Similarly, adjust the humidity levels. In the vegetative stage, the humidity should be 40-50 percent. Lower humidity levels can promote the growth of trichomes, which can increase the amount of glitter.

Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity means controlling the potency and smell of your flowers. Keep checking your grow room’s temperature regularly and make the required adjustments.

Proper Air Flow & Ventilation 

Another important factor that contributes to the quality of buds is proper airflow in the grow room. For small-medium plants, one or two fans are enough. If you are using high-intensity lights, make sure there’s proper airflow.

Check the branches and buds that can hinder the airflow. This can be done with Low-Stress Training—a special method that involves bending the branches and stems (without cutting them), ensuring proper light distribution and airflow.

Be careful when placing the fans in the grow room. Never point the fan directly towards the plants, otherwise, the leaves and stems will be damaged.


Nutrients are necessary for the growth of cannabis plants. You need to ensure that the plants (in the flowering stage) are getting base nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. When the plants are in the second half of the flowering stage, give them low levels of nitrogen. Remember, too much nitrogen may affect the yields.

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Providing plants with the right amount of phosphorus in the vegetative stage can increase the number of buds. Potassium, which is often overlooked, can help enhance the size and density of buds.

So, reducing nutrient levels, especially during the second half of the flowering stage, is important. It can help improve the taste of the buds.

Get a Medical Marijuana Growers License Online

With MMJ recs, you can legally grow cannabis plants for personal use. But, if you want to grow more plants, you need to get an MMJ growers license Santa Clara. With the license, you can increase your grow limit to 99 plants. Getting the license has become very easy using telemedicine technology. Here’s the process-

  • Sign up for an account online
  • See a doctor through HIPAA-compliant software
  • Receive grower’s license in PDF format via email

Final Thoughts

To produce the best buds, you need to create a perfect growing environment for your cannabis plants. Give plenty of light to the plants, you can use high-intensity grow lights for this purpose. Maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. Check the nutrients. In the second half of the vegetative stage, reduce the levels of nutrients to improve the taste of the buds. Maintain proper airflow and ventilation in the grow room.

Apply for your medical marijuana growers license Santa Clara online today.

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