How to Prolong your Cannabis High with Ease?

How to Prolong your Cannabis High with Ease?

If you have been using cannabis for a while chances are that you no longer feel the same intensity of high as you felt before. Cannabis Doctors Santa Clara mention that if you use cannabis regularly, your body develops a certain amount of tolerance and it takes longer to achieve the high. In addition, the effects are not that intense and you need to ingest more than you usually do. There are various factors that control your high. These essentially dictate the duration and intensity of your high. Let’s discuss these before we dive into ways to prolong your high.

Factors that Control the High

1) Quantity of THC

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the main psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. It interacts with the receptors in the brain to channel a feeling of high. If a particular strain has high THC, it will deliver stronger effects than a strain that has low THC. So, if you haven’t been feeling the intense effects lately, you can try a strain that carries a higher THC profile.

2) Consumption Method

If you ingest 100mg of cannabis, the entire amount doesn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream. A lot also depends on the method of consumption. Smoking or vaping delivers quick effects because the cannabinoids are directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Now, if we talk about edibles, the effects are more delayed. That’s because your body needs to digest them before they can produce a visible effect on your body

3) Metabolism

Having a faster metabolism does wonders for weight loss but the same is not true if you are looking for a long-lasting high. If the metabolism is slow, your body takes a longer time in processing the chemicals which enhances the duration of your high.

4) Tolerance

If you are a seasoned cannabis user, you might not feel the same intensity of high because your body develops tolerance. New users typically feel more intense effects and it lasts much longer.

Tips to Prolong your High

Have Some Mangoes

This might seem weird but the trick actually works. Mangoes are loaded with a terpene known as myrcene which is responsible for its delectable aroma. Cannabis contains THC which interacts with this terpene and it makes the high more intense. A good idea is to consume mangoes before you indulge in a cannabis session. A lot also depends on your metabolism. If you have a quick metabolism, you might have to consume more and vice versa. Mangoes can be a great addition to your cannabis experience if you’re looking for something new. The effects are intense and you won’t regret it.

Drink Hot Tea

Tea is a staple hot beverage in many parts of the world but it’s not a top choice in the US. In spite of this, more than 158 million Americans drink tea. So, a considerable share of the population consumes it. Well, how is it supposed to enhance the high? Tea is loaded with antioxidants that bind with the endocannabinoid receptors in the body to enhance the overall feeling of the high. This works because antioxidants have an entourage effect on GPR55( a protein of the ECS). The overall result is that you feel better and more relaxed. In general, these antioxidants elevate your normal experiences. So, if you are high, you’ll feel the effects for a longer duration than usual.


How is exercise supposed to be linked with the high? THC is stored in the body’s fat. Generally, the THC release is pretty slow and the effects can be delayed. Exercising cuts your body’s excess fat and channels the flow of THC from the stored body fat. Most seasoned cannabis users tend to indulge in limited physical activity. Exercising can bring an element of productivity in your life. Also, it’s great for your health and keeps you fit. A 2013 study mentions that a simple cardio session can raise blood THC levels by as much as 15%.

Give Yourself a Break

If you have been using cannabis for a while chances are that you no longer feel the same amount of high. You are not new to this experience. Almost, everyone goes through this phase and this just calls for a break. Over a period of time, your body becomes wired to the same effects and it does not respond the same. You can call it saturation but enhanced tolerance is the better term for it. If you have been using cannabis medicinally, you probably have to stick to your dose and you might not feel the need to give up. But people with excess consumption need to take a break. Cannabis doctors Santa Clara mention that the herb works best if you take a specific dose designed for your body. If you overdo it, you are bound to feel the unpleasant effects. So, it’s better if you refrain from using cannabis for a while. When you use it again, you’ll definitely feel the high effects again.

Eat Sweet Potatoes

You must have heard eating something sweet is a great way to enhance the feeling of high. Well, that’s true but sweet potatoes do a lot more than that. They are loaded with carbohydrates and B vitamins which trigger the production of serotonin in the brain. This hormone is primarily responsible for enhancing the mood. So, when you combine this with cannabis, the effects are set to be more intense and better. In addition, sweet potatoes contain vitamin E which works great in managing depression. So, if you consume them before a session of cannabis, you are likely to indulge in a better high and be more relaxed than usual.

Have Nuts

Nuts are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids that combine with the endocannabinoids to deliver a better quality high. People who have combined both claim that eating nuts can enhance the duration of high. In fact, a study published in PNAS mentions that omega-3 fatty acids combat inflammation via cannabinoids. It also shows that these bind to the receptors and channel a soothing effect through the body. It’s not just limited to the feeling of high, nuts are a great way to beat the munchies. They are healthy and a much better choice than other snacks that do no good for your body.

Bottom Line

With these tips, you can surely extend the duration of your high. Just take the dose of cannabis in limits to dive into a better experience. If you are confused about following the right approach, cannabis doctor Santa Clara can screen your health and educate you about taking the right amount of dose. Also, they can help you figure out the best ingestion method that is guaranteed to bring positive results for your body. So, find a certified clinic that houses qualified cannabis doctors. You might have to conduct some research to find the best choice for yourself. The herb is loaded with qualities that are suited to enhance your overall health. With more research in the works, we can expect to unearth more benefits in the future. The herb can surely add a new dimension to human life.

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