How to Water Your Cannabis Plants Effectively

How to Water Your Cannabis Plants Effectively

Just like you need water to thrive and survive, plants need water too. It is arguably one of the essential substances required by the plants to develop. When talked about, the process seems quite simple and easy, yet many cannabis growers make mistakes while watering the plants. Either they end up over watering the plant or simply provide too little affecting its overall growth.

Over watering leads to diseases and nutrient deficiencies whereas less water disrupts the growth of the cannabis plant. So, it is vital to water the plants properly, and here’s a comprehensive guide that will help you learn how to water cannabis plants effectively. Also, if you have a recommendation from a cannabis doctor you can grow up to 6 mature plants indoors. Although you have to first check your state laws because cannabis rules vary across states. Now, without further adieu let’s begin and look at the nuances of watering cannabis plants.

How Often Should You Water Cannabis?

The only problem with watering cannabis plants is that there’s no universal rule. Several factors play a role in deciding how much you should water your cannabis. For instance, as the plant grows, the water requirements also change. Unfortunately, the scenario is not that simple, other variables such as retention and soil type also plays a major role. Let’s discuss all the variables below.

Stage of Maturity

Water requirements change with the age of the plant. During the early stages, avoid watering your plants excessively with a powerful stream. Instead, you can use a light stream that gently waters the substrate of the plant without damping the roots completely.

In addition to this, ensure that the soil is completely dry before you start watering the plant again. This means that you can water cannabis at least 2-3 days a week. As far as genetically engineered seeds are concerned, they require far less water than the naturally grown plants.

Growing Medium

There are different types of growing mediums and each medium will determine how much water you need. For instance, cannabis grows well in rich soils with a fluffy and airy texture. More vitally, the soil should retain water properly and the growing container must have holes at the bottom for the water to escape. So, make sure that you choose a favorable type of soil. Especially the one that can hold moisture for a long time and ensure proper drainage.

Container Size

The dimensions of your pot or the container will determine how much water the soil can absorb and drain. If you place a small plant in a big container, watering the whole area will drench the plant completely and leave no room for growth. Similarly, you will face problems with a plant with many roots and less space. This is also the main reason why growers start with small pots and change it along the way. So, make sure that you plant cannabis seeds in a small pot which makes it easier for you to not over water the plant.

Light Intensity and Temperature

Cannabis plants never grow at the same pace. The environmental conditions whether artificial or natural play a major role. You see, cannabis will grow slowly in a cold environment tan a little balmier one. Other factors such as the light intensity and temperature will determine how much water you need to provide. Take plants that receive maximum light and heat as an example. You must water such plants regularly and provide them with enough nutrition than those with meager light and heat conditions.

The Health of the Plant

The overall health of the plant will determine how often you should water your cannabis plants. If the growth is extremely stunted and slow, you are most likely to water your plant less often. In fact, plants that acquire diseases at the onset of the flowering stage also do not require as much water as a healthy cannabis plant.

This is to say that damaged, diseased, or poor quality plants will not need much water but you have to use other measures to either save the plant from diseases or help them grow faster. More vitally, keep in mind that cannabis cultivation still falls under the legal parameters. So, use your recommendation from a cannabis doctor wisely and grow as much as the legal limit allows you to.

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