Learn Why Vaping Cannabis is Better Than Smoking it

Learn Why Vaping Cannabis is Better Than Smoking it

There are various ways of consuming cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. While smoking cannabis is one of the oldest and popular ways, the fans of vaping are also increasing. But why is it happening? Medical marijuana doctors explain that smoking may not be the best option for consuming cannabis when it comes to a person’s health. 

A lot of people debate over what is better, vaping cannabis or smoking it. And today, we will be going through some of the major reasons telling why vaping is better than smoking. But before that, let’s understand more about vaping cannabis.

What is Vaping Cannabis?

You must have heard about vaping cannabis as it has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. In the process of vaporization, heating of cannabis takes place at a temperature below the point of combustion. This produces a vapor containing THC, CBD, and other chemical compounds of cannabis that is inhaled into your lungs.

While it is subjective which one of these two methods is better, there are certain advantages of vaping cannabis over smoking it. And in this article, we are going to explore those advantages. So, here are some reasons why vaping is better than smoking.

Vaping as a Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Well, not much is known about the long-term effects associated with vaping. But it is widely believed that vaping is much safer and healthier than smoking. When you smoke cannabis, combustion takes place that releases various harmful toxins and free radicals such as tar, ammonia, and carcinogens. You inhale these toxins with the smoke, which is not healthy for your lungs. And carcinogens are chemicals that can also cause cancer. 

But on the other hand, vaping does not involve combustion. Hence, you will not be inhaling harmful free radicals and toxins. With vaping, you can reduce your exposure to these dangerous byproducts of combustion. A 2010 study showed that vaping can improve breathing in former cannabis smokers in just a month. So, if you want to keep your lungs healthy while consuming cannabis, vaping is a great option. But do not forget to clean your vape regularly.

Vaping Offers a Discreet Method of Consuming Cannabis

Whether you are using a dry herb vaporizer or a cartridge vape, you will be getting a discreet method of consuming cannabis. As I mentioned before, vaping does not involve combustion. Hence, there will not be that familiar and infamous smell of smoking cannabis. This makes vaping a more discreet way of consuming cannabis than smoking joints or bowls.

Even though there will be some scent from the dry herb vaporizer, it‘s not as strong as it’s when you smoke. But vape oil cartridges produce an even lesser scent. These devices use waxes, extract, or concentrates of cannabis. So, if you want to be discreet when consuming cannabis, use a vape pen rather than smoking a joint or bowl.

Vaping is Cost-Effective and Efficient

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to vape cannabis instead of smoking a joint or bowl is that vaping is cost-effective. During combustion, a portion of the cannabinoids in your cannabis is actually burned off. It is also estimated that you only get about 10 percent of the cannabinoids when you smoke cannabis. So, with smoking, you burn more than you realize. 

But with vaping, it is different. Vaping preserves about 95 percent of cannabinoids, which means you consume more concentration of cannabinoids. This makes it more efficient than smoking cannabis. While you may want to invest money in a designer vape pen, this investment is worth it. Also, in the long run, you will be saving more money with vaping cannabis.

Vape Pen Are More Convenient

You can easily see the resemblance of a vape pen to a normal pen. Vape pens come with a similar length and width, which makes them very convenient. You can easily carry them around with you whenever you are traveling in your back pocket or in your purse.

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