Medical Marijuana Primary Caregiver: Everything You Need to Know

Medical Marijuana Primary Caregiver: Everything You Need to Know

The laws related to cannabis vary from state to state. Some states have sterner laws while others have lax regulations. The only exception here is that these laws help a medical marijuana doctor and a medical cannabis patient navigate through the various nuances associated with cannabis. For instance a primary caregiver. When you read about a primary caregiver you will come across terms such as the legal age of a caregiver or who can be a caregiver?

And more vitally, how to get an individual who will purchase medical cannabis for you, especially when you need one. You can find the answer to all these questions in this write-up below. We will also outline the general steps required to assign a primary caregiver. Let’s begin!

Who Is a Primary Caregiver?

First and foremost, let’s get the basics out of the way and understand who is a primary caregiver for medical marijuana. A primary caregiver is an individual or an adult who can legally possess, purchase, deliver, and administer cannabis to a state-qualified and state-registered MMJ patient. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that you can become a primary caregiver if you reside in a state which has legalized cannabis for medical use.

In these states, the laws protect both the patient and the caregiver from penalties and fines associated with marijuana. Provided, of course, both of them abide by the rules and stay within the legal boundaries. 

Legal Stipulations Associated With a Caregiver

There are a few stipulations that may vary from state to state but require the utmost attention. For instance, a primary caregiver must be a US citizen aged 21 and above. 

In addition to this, the patient and the caregiver must reside in the same state and the patient must have a state qualifying medical condition. The caregiver must legally agree on providing care to the medical cannabis patient and the caregiver should not have any criminal history. 

Some states also allow the primary caregiver to take care of more than four patients at a time. Whereas other states allow only one caregiver per patient. More vitally, the job of a caregiver is to look after the cannabis needs of a patient. From purchasing cannabis for them to learning how medical cannabis rules operate. They must know everything associated with medical marijuana and the medical condition of their patient. 

How Can I Become a Medical Marijuana Primary Caregiver?

In order to become a primary caregiver you have to bear the below-listed steps in mind: 

  • Fill an application under a state medical marijuana program along with the qualified patient’s application. 
  • In most states, the application receives approval after you pay a certain fee and become responsible for the annual renewals.  
  • In other cases, each state MMJ program ties up with a third party organization that provides caregivers for medical cannabis patients only. 
  • The most vital part about becoming a caregiver is that you are solely responsible for your patient and you cannot act as a caregiver for another patient with a valid MMJ recommendation

What Can Registered Primary Caregivers Do?

These things will vary from state to state, but universally speaking, a primary caregiver is allowed to possess and purchase medical cannabis for the patient from state-licensed dispensaries. Also, the patient must have a state-qualifying condition and a recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor. Next, a caregiver will be allowed to possess 8 ounces of medical cannabis. The state limits may vary so don’t forget to check-in with the state laws of your state. In California, the legal limit is up to 8 ounces and more if the patient’s condition demands. 

In addition to this, a primary caregiver is allowed to grow increased limits of cannabis. The legal limit in California is six mature cannabis plants and the limit can be extended using an MMJ growers license. On the patient’s behalf, the caregiver can grow cannabis indoors provided the state has an implemented cultivation program. 

As far as delivery and transportation are concerned, they can deliver cannabis in the original packaging and a sealed container to the patient’s address. And it is illegal to transport cannabis beyond state borders. So, make sure you bear all these rules in mind before applying for a primary caregiver in your state.

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