Nourish Your Cannabis Plants With The Goodness of Compost Tea

Nourish Your Cannabis Plants With The Goodness of Compost Tea

Growing cannabis plants for yourself is like a treat. You gift yourself the most organic form that contains only the best ingredients and thereby preventing yourself from any harmful components that might affect your health. You can find a lot of DIYs for making your product the healthiest one. Here we are bringing for you a chance to nourish your plants using compost tea rich in nutrients and microbes that will be beneficial for your plant’s growth. California growers license gives you the benefit of doing everything on your own.

It’s like a magic bullet that will provide you the best cannabis strains while defending your plant from different conditions and pathogens. The beginners might feel intimidated by a wide variety of products available. After all, the market is filled with a range of products. And chemicals that might either be good or bad for your cannabis plants. No one can predict that before. However, with natural compost, you can anticipate that your plants will have a proper supply of nutrients for the plant’s proper growth

Compost Tea

Compost tea is a type of brewed compost that will provide cannabis plants with a wide range of high-quality nutrients. It will contribute to your plant’s health and will provide the best defense mechanism to fight against deadly pathogens. And all of this at a minimal cost and effort. Here is how you can prepare your compost tea recipe without any hassles. 

  • Put approximately 25 gallons of water in a container. If you use chlorinated water, remove the chemical. Add 2 tsp of humic acid to the water. 
  • Then, take out 1-2 Tbsp of humic acid and dilute it with 2 cups of water before you add compost tea. You can also go for a dilute form of fish hydrolysate, in case it contains any acid preservatives. 
  • Next up is mixing half a cup of kelp and diluting it using 5 cups of water. Once you mix it adequately, add compost tea into the mixture. 
  • Before adding the compost, make sure that your mixture contains the right amount of microbes; otherwise, the whole concept of adding compost tea would no longer be valid. 

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Using Compost Bins For Your Cannabis Plants 

If you have not invested in compost bins, now would be the right time to start with your supply of nutrients. Don’t worry; you can always buy a bag of compost from your neighbor compost supply chain. The primary purpose of the compost if to provide quality nutrients while being cost-friendly. Make sure to keep your compost bins in the area that does not fluctuate with temperature and moisture. Composting is not a quick process. It might take anything between 6 months to 2 years to breakdown into fine ready-to-use soil. With a California growers license, you can use a source from somewhere else in between. 

What Are The Benefits of Using Compost Tea? 

Now that you have finally decided to go for a supply of compost tea, it’s time to talk about its multitude of benefits. It’s like a herbal drink that helps to revive your plant’s nutritious content considerably. Here is how it will turn out to be beneficial for you. 

It Will Enhances Your Plant’s Growth 

Compost tea can help both cannabis growers and their plants in several ways. It will boost your plant’s growth that is one of the most important factors when considering a good or a bad harvest. The volume of nutrients provided by compost tea is so massive that it ensures the healthy development of your cannabis plants. It helps to prevent any deficiencies from developing. Hence, it helps to produce cannabis plants with adequate growth and size. 

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It Will Provide Necessary Microorganisms 

Plants not only require nutrients, but they also need a trigger that will help them introduce such nutrients inside their system. For that, compost tea is rich in mycorrhizal fungi and some predatory nematodes. These microbes help to facilitate nutrient take up along with acting as a natural defense against different pests and infectious parasites. 

Final Takeaways 

California growers license gives you an extension to grow more plants. But, what will be the use when you can’t grow healthy plants for yourself. It is essential to select good seeds and growing conditions for excellent yield of nutritious cannabis buds. After all, your health depends on the quality of cannabis strains. Are you ready to create your cannabis garden? These tips might help.

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