Should You Get an Cannabis Card in a Recreational State?

Should You Get an Cannabis Card in a Recreational State?

The legalization of cannabis in various states of the US has made access to the plant very easy for people. However, there is one small catch. Not everyone can get their hands on cannabis in all legalized states. You probably know that the legalization of cannabis was made possible only because of the medicinal benefits of the herb. And given this, in most states, it is legal to use the plant only as a medicine. In order to get access to cannabis in these states, you must have a medical cannabis card.

However, there are many states where even the recreational use of the herb is allowed. And for that, you don’t need a medical cannabis card. You may apply for one if you want. But it’s no compulsion. It’s not like you won’t get medicinal benefits from recreational marijuana.

But then why get a medical card when you have access to cannabis without it? Well, there are a few reasons for it. In fact, getting a medical card may be more beneficial as compared to using recreational cannabis. Let’s discuss why.


When it comes to the pricing, if you have a medical marijuana card, you are at a very nice advantage. You don’t have to pay several government taxes when you have this card. And you should note that these taxes may go up to 30 percent in some states.

Furthermore, various cannabis dispensaries, every now and then, come up with new and amazing offers, such as 10 percent savings, membership discounts, and some off on bulk purchases, etc. And these offers are mostly for medical users only.

In some places, there is a difference between per-unit prices too. For instance, say, a single gram of cannabis costs around $20 at a medical dispensary. The same may cost around $25 to $28 to non-medicinal users. However, as the competition between the sellers is really fierce nowadays, there might be fewer differences in prices.


The benefits of a cannabis card are even bigger in terms of product potency. If you have a card, you can purchase much more potent products than those available to recreational users. For instance, in California, there are some rules and limitations on how much THC can be given to a recreational user with each serving. Recreational edibles cannot have more than 100 mg of THC in a package containing 10 servings. But in the case of edibles for medicinal use, THC may go up to 200 mg. Similarly, in other products, like tinctures or lotions, etc., the limit of THC is 1000 mg, which is half as compared to medicinal products.

As you can see from the above example, medicinal users have access to a lot more potent marijuana as compared to recreational users.

A cannabis card may also help you get preferential treatment at a dispensary. A medical card means you are using cannabis as a medicine. And due to this, you won’t have to wait for hours in long lines to obtain your supplies. Furthermore, dispensaries often keep extra supplies especially reserved only for medicinal users, for a time of shortage.


In states where cannabis is legal for recreational use, you need to be at least 21 years old if you want access to it. However, if you have a medical cannabis card, this age restriction drops down to 18 years. In fact, in some cases, even teenagers can use it if they have the permission of their parents or guardian and a medical condition that qualifies them for the card. But you should note that, even in such cases, only a legal guardian who is above 21 can get your supplies for you. You can’t do it yourself.

Increased Access

Despite the legalization, access to recreational cannabis actually depends on individual jurisdictions. Every county and city has the right to decide how many recreational shops will be there in their area. They can even deny the opening of any recreational dispensaries at all in their jurisdiction. And many are, in fact, using this right already.

But if you have a medical card, you can access your cannabis from a medical dispensary, which is available in almost all areas.

Growing Limits

You should note that though not all legal states allow patients to grow cannabis for medicinal use, most do. In fact, in many states, even recreational users can grow their own herb. However, the amount you can grow actually depends on if you are a medicinal user or a recreational one. Medicinal users, apparently, have a higher growing limit as compared to recreational users.

For instance, in California, a recreational user can grow up to six cannabis plants at a single time. But if you are a medicinal user, you may grow up to 100 sq. ft. There is no limit on the number of plants.

This is actually a great thing for medicinal users, especially those who are living in a recently legalized state. Newly legalized states often don’t have an extensive network of cannabis dispensaries. And medical users sometimes have to travel to far distances to get their supplies. However, if they can grow their own cannabis in sufficient quantity, they won’t have to worry much.


Quality is also a very important reason why you should have a medical card for cannabis even in a recreational state. See, as we mentioned earlier, cannabis was legalized for its medicinal properties. And though recreational cannabis can also help you with your condition, medical marijuana is still a lot better option. Why? Quality!

Marijuana available for medicinal purposes, as compared to recreational one, goes through a much rigorous and strict quality check procedure. After all, it is for patients. It must be of top-notch quality. On the other hand, recreational cannabis may have some quality constraints, especially if you are not buying it from a reputed place.

Peace of Mind

In the end, a medical cannabis card gives you peace of mind, as you don’t have to worry about if you’re breaking the law or anything.

You should keep in mind that things differ from place to place. A rule in one state may not be applicable to another. So, if you have a medical cannabis card, you are less anxious about not being compliant.


Getting a medical cannabis card may seem like a hassle if you are living in a recreational state. However, if you think logically, this card actually has a lot to offer you. As you saw above, it can help you with a much better and early access to cannabis without burning a big hole in your pocket. Furthermore, it gives you peace of mind, which may further help you if you are using cannabis to manage a psychological condition.

I think the above reasons are enough to convince you to get a medical cannabis card. And if yes, what are you waiting for? Go for it now!

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