COVID-19 Spread: 5 Strains That Will Help You Reduce Stress

COVID-19 Spread: 5 Strains That Will Help You Reduce Stress

We can all use some stress relief right now. Particularly when the world is going upside down. Countries are under lock-down and most of us have to stay indoors to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. However, it is a known fact that everyone needs to  stay inside at the moment. And staying stress free is not easy when not easy most countries including the USA face grave threats such as the coronavirus. 

So, in order to curb the virus and to make sure you stay stress-free while lock-down persists, here is a list of strains bred with stress and anxiety in mind. Also, ensure that you get these strains with the help of a state medical marijuana card. For instance, if you stay in Santa Clara, you can get a medical marijuana card in Santa Clara and purchase the required strains. We have listed those strains for you, take a look and see if you can find one in a nearby dispensary.

Northern Lights

Before I dive into the details of this amazing strain you need to learn that each strain has a different effect on the human body as everyone responds to cannabis in their own way. And Northern Lights has always held the reputation of calming down people. Not only this but this Indica strain will hit you directly when consumed in the form of smoke or vape. On the other hand, the edible form will take a little longer than expected to show its effects. So, if you feel stressed out, make sure you give Northern Lights a try. Most vitally, remember not to share your strain with anyone and get the strain delivered to your house if you live in Santa Ana. 

White Widow

A Sativa dominant, available in all the licensed dispensaries. White widow is a classic and a hybrid that helps uplift the spirits. So, if you are currently feeling sad you can use this strain to energize your spirits. However, make sure that you use this strain under medical supervision. Do not take extra doses as you might get a powerful head high.

Jack Herrer

Another spectacular strain with therapeutic qualities. Jack Herer is a hybrid that leans more towards the Sativa side. Because this strain has medical benefits, it is most often used for PTSD, anxiety, and of course, stress. Jack Herrer also has a popular history. It was named after a cannabis activist, Jack Herrer, who supported the therapeutic benefits of marijuana. Besides history to its namesake, the strain helps calm the mind and can help those suffering from stress these days. 

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple has some of the powerful terpenes which means that it is a fragrant strain. You can easily get this strain from the nearby dispensaries. However, ensure that you take all the necessary precautions while making the purchase. Or to be more safe get the strain delivered to your house while taking necessary sanitization measures. In addition, Granddaddy Purple effects are relaxing and you can use this strain as a sleep aid. But make sure you use the strain when you are extra stressed out and require a peaceful sleep.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is an amazingly potent and therapeutically effective strain. Particularly when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety. 20 percent Indica, covered in kief, and lemon-like taste, Super Lemon Haze also helps reduce anxiety caused by excessive stress. So, make sure you take a medically supervised strain while quarantined to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Final Thoughts

In this need of the hour, we need to focus on everything that can help curb the coronavirus spread. If you are currently stressed out and require an effective solution, the strains mentioned-above can definitely help you. But make sure you get a medical marijuana card in Santa Clara first to avail the strains bred to reduce stress and stress-related problems.

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