Tips To Follow For Your First Cannabis Purchase

Tips To Follow For Your First Cannabis Purchase

Buying your first stash? Let’s agree that it can be a little daunting. It’s not like the earlier times when all we knew about was a joint and a brownie. In the 21st century, not only is cannabis legal in 33 states in the US but it also has more varieties than KitKat in Japan. Though federal law still categorizes cannabis as illegal, it’s not a big issue for someone with a Medical Marijuana Card.

And that’s not all, the vast information surrounding cannabis, from its delivery methods to strains to state laws, is important for every beginner to be aware of before making a purchase. With so much to look into, what should you follow before making your first order? So let me clear the air and walk through some crucial tips that will make your cannabis purchase a good experience.

Choose a Reputable Source Only

Before anything else, you will have to finalize a source for your regular restocks. Cannabis has come down from a history of legal issues. So there are still several illegal and unregistered cannabis suppliers despite the legal dispensaries and online stores. If you want to have the best experience with cannabis, do not rely on illegal sources. 

Their products cannot be relied on completely. They have no test results, missing labels, and poor quality. Such cannabis will do more harm than good. Illegal stores also do not provide you with any legal protection. If you are caught, you will face a penalty. Why take such risks when legal dispensaries are right around the corner?

Legal sources are registered with the state government. They have to abide by all the marijuana laws without fail. You can count on them for quality and safety. Their products have all the necessary labels and quality tests and are handled properly to ensure high quality. An added benefit of legal sources is variety. Their catalog is filled with different strains, an assortment of edibles, tinctures, and whatnot. More options will help you find a more suitable option for yourself.

Learn to Identify Between Good and Bad Cannabis Products

It’s not easy to have the proper knowledge about what’s good and what’s bad cannabis. It definitely comes with experience but what about the time when you are getting your first stash? If not all, there are some points that can help you make a better choice.

  • Stems and leaves are not smokable. If they are a part of your stash, it’s most probably a means of increasing the weight to meet the price point. 
  • Look for the color of the buds. A high-quality stash will have a shade of green with hints of other colors depending on the type of strain. If it appears ashy or brown, it’s more than likely of poor quality. 
  • Check if the buds have any white, fuzzy, and spiderweb-like growth. If yes, it is moldy and should be avoided.
  • Check the texture of the buds. It should neither be too dry nor too sticky. Either extreme is a sign of improper handling. Give it a pass as it won’t be a potent stock.
  • Give your smelling abilities a test. If the buds smell skunky, piny, citrusy, or anything like its terpene profile, it’s a good stock. Grassy or odor-like smell is not what you should look for.
  • If the buds feel scratchy or have a grainy crunch after a bite, it’s either grit weed or contains a contaminant like sand. 

Do Proper Research of Your Cannabis Source

While searching for a trustworthy and licensed source, start by comparing your nearest options. Dispensaries nearest to your location will be more convenient for regular purchases. But before you settle, go through the services of each dispensary and compare them. Look at the difference in prices, the quality of their products, and the varieties they offer. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most dispensaries have moved their catalogs online to allow the customers to view their services and products. Utilize it to make the right choice. 

In the case of online sources, the process is even easier. Everything is online and available for you to make the comparisons. Either way, take your time before choosing a source you can trust. 

Remember to check customer reviews of each store too. That will give you a better idea of how the products are, the behavior of the staff, and if there have been any problems with the store. 

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Many cannabis users have the tendency to fall for cheap deals and then feel good about it. Well, let me be the one to break your bubble. Your cheap deal is all an illusion. 

If you buy from an illegal source there are chances of contamination and no assurance of quality. Illegal suppliers are known to use sugar, sand, silica, and talcum powder to tamper with the product so as to give it a better appearance or to make up for the weight requirements. Basically, you will get an average or poor quality stock that’s not worth the money. These contaminants give the appearance of high quality but in reality, can harm your body.

Some products from unregistered sources do not follow their claims. The CBD and THC content is not close to what you are promised. And there is no proof of safety. So do not choose price over quality.

Acquaint Yourself with the Legalities

The state governments of 33 States in the US have legalized cannabis but under strict marijuana laws. State government’s conflict with the federal law regarding cannabis’ decriminalization makes it more important to abide by the laws. 

This is why while preparing for your first purchase, do take some time to acquaint yourself with the marijuana laws of your state. And most importantly, get yourself a medical marijuana card to get legal protection and other privileges exclusive to cardholders only.

Decide on the Cannabis Type

Cannabis has a lot of variety for its consumers. Entering the dispensary for the first time only to see more options may confuse you. To narrow down your options by choosing a delivery method. Do you want to smoke or ingest cannabis? Making a decision will help you pick a form. For example, if you prefer smoking, you can choose a dried flower of your choice and grind it to form a joint. If smoking isn’t your cup of tea, go for edibles like chocolates, gummies, and even weed drinks.  

Now that you have a better idea about how to buy cannabis, make sure that you use them to have a smooth experience and good quality cannabis for yourself.

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