Ways to Break up Your Cannabis if You Can’t Find a Grinder

Ways to Break up Your Cannabis if You Can’t Find a Grinder

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, then you must be familiar with how important a grinder is. It can break down your cannabis buds in a pinch. But what if you can not find your grinder? Cannabis has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, thanks to its medical benefits. A lot of people look to get an MMJ card renewal to continue using medical cannabis for their condition. When it comes to smoking cannabis, not having a grinder to break up the plant can be kind of a headache. If you find yourself in this condition, do not worry, we have got you covered.

There are a few ways in which you can grind your cannabis without the help of a grinder. This way you won’t have to worry about breaking down your flower when you do not have a grinder with you. These ways require only the regular things that you find lying around in your home. I’ve prepared a list that includes simple old school tricks and techniques that will help you grind your bud easily. So, let’s get into it!

Tip 1. Use Your Hands

Let’s go back to the basics with this one. Using your hands to break down your cannabis buds is one of the best old school ways. When you can not find your grinder, make the best use of your hands. Now, this may also seem obvious, but we have been keeping ourselves away from the basics. But trust me, breaking down your cannabis by hand can give you a very rewarding feeling despite a few downsides.

One of the biggest downsides of breaking down cannabis flowers by hand is that it can be a bit tedious. Cannabis is sticky, and the resin will build up around your fingers. But your fingers can do this work easily if you ignore this stickiness. You have nothing to worry about if you wash your hands prior to handling your cannabis. Speaking of “getting your hands dirty,” you can use a credit card or your keys to scrape the resin off your hands. In fact, you can smoke it in a bong or joint to get an extra kick. After all, it is one of the oldest and most traditional ways to make hash by rolling buds between your hands.

Breaking your cannabis with your fingers is also a great way of building a relationship with your buds. You will be able to get a true feel for your weed’s structure and trichome saturation. You will get closer to your strain’s unique aromas.

Tip 2. Scissors And a Shot Glass

When it comes to trimming, scissors are the perfect companion. If you are not willing to get your hands dirty to break apart your cannabis, you can use scissors and a shot glass. You can simply trim your cannabis with a scissor and a shot glass be used as a great catching container. With this method you will get really nice, evenly cut cannabis, however, this method is also a bit tedious. 

There is one more way to use a scissor and shot glass to trim your buds. Simply place your cannabis inside of the shot glass and then cut your buds with scissors. You will be cutting and grinding your buds as they are sitting within the shot glass.

The high walls of glass help in stopping any of your buds from falling out while you are chopping. Also, the small diameter of the glass will be able to tightly confine your buds, which makes it easier to cut through. If you are not able to find a shot glass, you can choose any other regular glass or container for this method. You just have to tilt the container on an edge. This will make your buds bunch together nicely. And you also keep an eye out for any pieces that might fall out during chopping.

Tip 3. Knife And a Chopping Board

Time to get a bit fancy in the kitchen. Pull out a knife and cutting board to fulfill your cannabis craving in an old fashioned way. While it may sound a bit over-the-top to you, but this is a very popular way when it comes to grinding cannabis. A friend of mine used to grind his buds using a knife and cutting board. He taught me how to do it and why it is one of the best methods to do so. And seriously, it is very simple, especially if you have some experience in the kitchen.

You just have to place your cannabis flowers on a chopping board (clean, obviously). Then chop them finely using a sharp knife. While any knife would do the trick here, serrated knives work a bit better. This is because of their ability to pull and tear as the knife glides along. The cutting board will help in keeping everything contained. This really helps in getting back your business without worrying about an extensive cleanup. I personally hate it when I have to clean up the mess after breaking down my buds. But this method helps in avoiding that situation as everything is contained. 

With this method, you will get really nice, finely chopped buds. You have to make sure that the knives and boards you are using are clean. This is important, or else the odors can contaminate your cannabis.

Tip 4. A Coin And Container

Time to use that coin you keep in your wallet that never gets used. You can use that coin to break your cannabis apart, especially the tougher buds. You simply have to drop a clean coin ( or a few) inside a clean, hard container. Then seal the lid, and give it a good shake. The coin will bash against your buds and will tear apart dense or slightly moist buds. 

Whether your buds are tough, dense, or sticky, they stand no chance against the coin when it’s trashing in a confined space. The best option is to use prescription bottles and or breath mint tins for this method. There is one thing that you need to take care of when going forward with this method – do not overpack the container. There should be enough room for the coin to trash around and do its job.

Tip 5. A Microplane

Microplanes, or graters, are a perfect alternative to knives. If you are not good with knives, make use of a Microplane to grind your buds. The best part about using microplanes is that you will get a fine, even grind. If you are looking for consistency to roll a joint, a Microplane is a great option for you. You can find all sorts of shapes and sizes of microplanes on the market. So you get to choose according to your preference. And if you already have one in your kitchen, make sure you clean it before using it to grind your buds.

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