What Are Marijuana Flowers & How to Consume Them?

What Are Marijuana Flowers & How to Consume Them?

With studies show that marijuana is effective in treating many conditions, more people are shifting their attention towards accessing this amazing herb for medical purposes. Medical cannabis is now legal in 33 states, and you can use it legally with 420 medical evaluations. Although scientists have discovered new cannabis-infused products & delivery methods, smoking cannabis flowers remains a personal favorite of many consumers. And, it’s still considered as the most popular method of marijuana consumption.

Read on to learn about cannabis flowers and what are the different methods of consuming them.

What Are Cannabis Flowers?

Flowers, also called buds, are the smokable portion of the cannabis plant. They go through different growing processes, i.e. cultivation, harvest, and drying & curing. Smoking marijuana flowers provides numerous health benefits, such as anxiety relief, pain relief, sleep, etc.

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One of the major benefits of smoking buds is that you get immediate effects. Unlike edibles, you don’t have to wait for the cannabinoids to absorb in the digestive system. The cannabinoids are absorbed directly in the bloodstream through the lungs instead, thus providing you instant relief.

How you deliver cannabinoids into the body is a major factor affecting marijuana’s effects on your body. Other factors include strain type, body chemistry, terpenes, environment, and dosage. So, it’s good to seek professional help for cannabis use for health benefits.

Different Methods of Consuming Flowers

Hand Pipes

It’s the most convenient method of cannabis consumption. Due to their compact size, handheld devices are easy to store. They are ideal for traveling or discreet use. Hand pipes don’t require any water or power to start their operations. You can find a wide range of hand pipes in different styles and shapes.

How do they work? A hand pipe contains a small bowl for holding the flowers, which are burned to create smoke to inhale through the other end.

Water Pipes

Water pipes, also called bongs, are available in different variations, styles, and designs. They are similar to hand pipes—the only difference is that water is used for cooling the smoke in bongs. However, whether it filters the harmful constituents is still an unanswered question. 

A bong usually comprises a small bowl used to hold cannabis flowers. After lighting the dried flowers, smoke is generated. When you inhale, the water in the bottom bubbles, making the smoke rise up. The water eliminates the dry heat, thus allowing you to have a smooth, cooler smoking experience, rather than harsh.

There’s no solid evidence that smoking cannabis flowers through bongs is safe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention & other health organizations say that smoke is harmful to lungs no matter what you are smoking. This is due to the presence of carcinogens released during the combustion of materials.


This is another quick method of consuming cannabis flowers. There are many benefits of smoking joints. You don’t require an additional tool, except a rolling paper and a grinder. Rolling papers are reasonable and are available in stores.

You can find a wide range of rolling papers made for cannabis users. The most common ones are made from wood pulp. Additionally, you can choose regular and longer-sized papers

To roll a joint, you need to first put the flower into a grinder, then place the fine pieces on the paper. Want to learn the step-by-step process? Watch the following video-

For smoking a joint, you need to burn it and inhale the smoke through the other end. Joints allow you to enjoy the full flavor of marijuana. Unlike cigar wraps, joints don’t contain any added toxic materials.


Blunts are the same as joints, except for the use of cigar paper made from tobacco instead of papers. So, consumers get a combined taste of marijuana and nicotine. There’s some evidence that nicotine can cause severe health issues. A study published in 2008 shows that smoking cannabis and tobacco together can increase the risks of marijuana dependence. However, it may help in balancing the negative effects associated with both.

Since blunts burn slower as compared to joints, they last longer. Some of the common cigarillos available at stores are Black & Mild, Phillies, Dutch Masters, and Swisher Sweets.


Hookah is usually a water pipe, but it doesn’t work as a pipe. While both filter smoke using water, the hookah has various components required to enjoy a smoking session. Because of the low water content, hookah is not common. Additionally, cannabis burns faster than it’s inhaled. That’s a major concern for many consumers.

However, many experts recommend adding marijuana underneath the shisha (wet tobacco). By doing so, cannabis doesn’t burn from direct coal heat, thus reducing the use of the herb. 


Dosage is important. Medical researchers have found that low doses of THC can relieve anxiety while taking higher doses may worsen the symptoms.

However, there’s no standard dosing structure when it comes to cannabis flowers. The type of strain you are smoking plays an important role. The potency of marijuana is measured by the levels of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. These cannabinoids work by binding to the receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. High-THC strains can help you with health benefits along with inducing the high effects. But, smoking high-CBD strains counteracts the psychoactive effects associated with THC. So, checking the label before buying strains is very important.

For beginners, it’s important to start with a low dose. Micro-dosing can help them learn about the effects of cannabinoids on their bodies. Thus, they can closely monitor health benefits and potential side-effects. This way, they can select the right strains and adjust the dosage for managing their symptoms effectively.

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Some Other Methods of Cannabis Consumption

In addition to smoking marijuana flowers, there are some other delivery methods, listed as under-


It involves heating cannabis to a temperature to extract cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. In vaping, burning of the herb doesn’t occur, so it doesn’t release harmful toxins. Moreover, you can control the temperature.


These are marijuana-infused lotions, creams, balms, etc., which can be applied directly to the skin. Topicals are appropriate for patients looking for instant relief from headaches, muscle spasms, etc.


Edibles are eatables absorbed through the digestive system. So, unlike smoking and vaping, they don’t deliver immediate effects. Instead, you have to wait for 30-60 minutes to experience the effects.

Tinctures & Oils

Tinctures are perfect for dosage control and they deliver fast-acting effects. For consuming tinctures, place a few drops of cannabis oil under the tongue, where they will be absorbed by the body.

Key Takeaways

Smoking flowers is the most common method of cannabis consumption. It delivers quick effects and provides health benefits such as boosting sleep, reducing anxiety, and sleep.

For smoking flowers, you have various options, such as joints, blunts, water pipes, and hookahs. Each option works differently and has its own advantages. When smoking cannabis, you should also consider the dosage, which is one of the most important factors influencing the herb’s effects on your body. Apply for 420 medical evaluations to access cannabis legally.

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